Doctor Who: Series 11 Trailer

Doctor Who: Series 11 Trailer

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The Thirteenth Doctor:
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99 Responses

  1. DJ Kento says:

    NEW BEST FRIENDS! not companions… BEST FRIENDS! Oh my heart.

  2. Don Belmont says:

    “Right, this is gonna be fun”. It’s been fun since Hartnell. And I’ve been along for every adventure. I always was excited about watching the new Doctor discover themselves and the universe. In a few years time when Jodie hands over the role some folks will be talking about how no one could possibly measure up to her. As The Doctor says “Right, this is gonna be FUN”

    • Cewkaurai Zok'Aerrus says:

      Don Belmont lol it’s like that with every new Doctor… tenant left and people were like “This isn’t the Doctor… not really… is it?” And then when capaldi became the Doctor the same thing happened; I myself, despite having been an avid fan since Tennant’s time, drifted away from the series; it felt like the series had forgotten who it was with lame sounding episode names and very boring writing… then a season or two later things got a little more interesting xD I must admit though, the sendoff for Clara was perfect xD

    • nosoyuncampero 109 says:

      Don Belmont no one has beat David tenant since and I don’t think this woman will we will see what happens

    • catz Keet says:

      nosoyuncampero 109 funnily enough, when you’ve already made up your mind that only one way is right, you’re rarely willing to accept anything different, no matter how good it is. Fortunately, your opinion doesn’t matter to anyone but you.

    • Smokey Joe says:

      What’s this about a hamster in a kilt? I really want to see that but I’m checking through the TV listings and I can’t find it.

    • Into the Stars says:

      Don Belmont What exactly are you objecting?

  3. Nick Ferrazza says:

    I don’t care if the Doctor’s a man, a woman, a two-headed Zebra or a semi-sentient coat rack. I just want more Doctor Who asap.

  4. Andrew Gore says:

    This is going to be kind of a long comment. But it talks about a lot. So whether or not you are feeling good about Jodie as The Doctor, this comment is for both. Okay, in my personal opinion I am already loving her as the Doctor. But let’s look at some reasons why, at least reasons given so far. Before Twelve regenerated he said something VERY important to his future self (Jodie) “laugh hard, run fast, be kind” And from what I’ve seen so far is a lot of running and, my favorite bit, smiling. I’m getting a real sense of just pure adventure and fun. And I feel that Thirteen really listened to Twelve’s words of advice. I love the whole “the universe is calling” branding that they are using. It’s not “the universe is falling” or “The Worlds need her” it’s the universe beckoning to us saying, “this is an adventure!!!” And the Doctor agreed: “this is going to be fun”

    And that’s the key thing that I am loving more than anything so far. The smiling. The adventure. The FUN.

    Now both sides of the fandom are guilty of something. Some fans hate this. And some fund love this. Now most fans who hate this probably hate it solely on the fact that Thirteen is woman… but some fans have to be careful because some fans are super hyped and are LOVING this… but only because she’s a woman. Some people wouldn’t care if it was someone other that Jodie, just so long as the Doctor was a woman. We can’t be like this. We have to look at this objectively. And I personally think this is going to be exactly what Thirteen said: “Brilliant” and “Fun”

    Love from the States. Wish it wasn’t so hard to move to England, which is my dream, but I digress. The DOCTOR is alive!!!!!

    • Kayley Hodson says:

      This is such an insightful comment, and the fun and adventure and hope I’m feeling from her is also personally why I think it will be amazing. But you’re right; no one should either hate OR love her just because of something as irrelevant as her gender.

      I didn’t notice the connection between Twelve’s last words and her own outlook, but now that you pointed it out I love the idea that she listened to Twelve 🙂 It’s just a really heart-warming notion.

      Love from the States right back at ya btw :p

    • Revenge Nerd says:

      Scotland and Wales have more beautiful areas and cheaper to live in, the most beautiful part of England is the Lakes which is a tourist area therefore house prices are multiple times the rest of England and the locals dislike tourists due to the troubles they bring. Scottish Borders is the best part of Scotland Id say as low house prices, beautiful scenery, the highlands are beautiful but more isolated and get very cold winters.

    • NOYBeezwax says:

      This is so well said. Bravo

    • Guy Incognito says:

      No, the Doctor is quite dead. SJW’s got their claws into him, and now they’re wearing his skin.

  5. TEAMDIAMOND says:

    I’m so excited to see what the tardis interior looks like

  6. AmendolaBrothers says:

    HYPE ! HYPE ! HYPE !

    • TheGamingGengar says:

      SO. SO. SO AGREED.

    • catz Keet says:

      MrMinevision1 the same way that we’re giving you a chance todo your cynical “oh god I’m too good for this” opinion, actually.*whispers*just so you know……it’s a little boring listening to you naysayers constantly rattling on about how bad it is while at the same time declaring that you’re “giving her a chance”

    • Yavor Stankov says:

      There is no hype. The video is not trending and still hasn’t even reached 1 million views. The show is dead.

    • MrMinevision1 says:

      You don’t know what quotation marks are for do you. I never said a single word in your quote except from “I’m”. Its garbage awful thats all i can say i hope she redeems herself with the actual show but….. not looking great you can usually tell whos gonna be a good doctor and who isn’t. My first comment was a line so how is it constantly.

    • Discrimination is not a right. says:

      Allow me to clarify the naysayers position: They don’t want a woman playing the Doctor. That’s all. That’s the gist of their “argument”.

  7. Red Moon 96 says:

    She’s like a female version of 11, upbeat and quirky. I like it.

    • Mr_Earwig says:

      Nonoctoro who says the golden age ended? In a game called Civ 5, the Golden Age comes and goes again, as with everything. It’s a new series: new Doctor, new show runner, who’s to say that it can’t be good? As for 11 and 10, they were great Doctors. 12 was a good Doctor too, but bad writing overshadowed him a lot. Anyways, I have faith that Chibnall will do well because if this trailer is telling me anything, it’s telling me that he’s taking it seriously.

    • StillJustDreaming says:

      Too early to know, this clip gave us a piece of her personality, but I think we’re going to have to wait and see how this plays out.

    • Klára Doležalová says:

      Guys stop judging her. We haven’t even seen any episode yet. It’s stupid to judge something we know nothing about. Let’s just wait for the new episodes and we’ll see how she is doing. What we’re doing here is stupid. I personally think that if you really like this show, you’ll watch it no matter what, no matter who comes next, it’s time to move on.

    • Büşra Gökçe says:

      I love 11th doctor. He was different

    • Miles o Smiles says:

      Amaranth I agree. it would have been amazing to see Smith have some of the quality writing Capaldi’ got.

  8. TrevorBOB says:

    Ooooohhh, I love the touch of Scottish in her accent, reminds me of Tennant XD

  9. Jerk With A Mouth says:

    Literally, everything is new in this trailer if you know where to look. If this were a Moffat trailer…we’d have loud and distracting music to make the visuals and clip mashups look even more exciting! Murray Gold had a more grand and HUGE sound that made it sound more epic. The music now seems to be more sombre and settled but still makes you feel excited for what’s on screen. A Moffat trailer would have shown everything from the series in the first few seconds of footage and they would all be the epic and probably the most exciting of the entire series. Jodie seems to be a Doctor that is ready for action but also ready for adventure.

    • Drew Landis says:

      It’s worth noting that Moffat is not in control of what the trailer looks or sounds like. That’s entirely outside of his control. See: The Series 10 trailer shows Simm despite Moffat not wanting him revealed at all. However, there is a new team behind everything this season going forward so the team responsible for those overly loud trailers is gone.

    • Jerk With A Mouth says:

      No, it’s not really worth noting because I was more using Moffat’s name meaning his era and not him personally. I wasn’t gonna rattle off the whole marketing team.

    • Jerk With A Mouth says:

      @MrVercettti89 I’m from where she’s from so I would punch you for that and why not give it a go instead of pre judging?

    • Ari Benkov says:

      that’s not really true though: the series 8 and 9 trailers showed about the same amount of footage as this one.

    • Clara Kolterman says:

      MrVercettti89 oh, come on, her accent isn’t even third most annoying.

  10. slashandbones13 says:

    Still feels like Doctor Who to me.

    • MrMinevision1 says:

      Hahaha that was funny im actually laughing. But…. uhh seriously im gonna wait til someone who takes a conversation like this more seriously comes along. I will change my mind if you come up with some arguments that can’t be challenged as to why this was a good move.

    • MrMinevision1 says:

      Gonna like that comment you’re damn hilarious xD

    • Evie's World says:

      MrMinevision1 you’re not here for a conversation or conversion, you’re here to prove your manhood by complaining about a TV show. Jodie’s going to be great, fans are going to enjoy watching and you’re going to have 4 years of being a whiny bitch on message boards. Win win

    • MrMinevision1 says:

      What? She’ll be garbage nowhere near being great matt smith was good david tennant has earned the use of the adjective “Great” next to his name peter pacaldi was a let down but it is what it is. And Jodie…. she likely won’t be great sorry to burst your bubble. You’ve provided 0 arguments for me to change my mind on this doctor. Have a good day! Also…. manhood? What? i repeat WHAT?!?!?!?! im confused by what you mean by that but still Peace. You shouldn’t assume peoples genders there are some girls! that wont like the new doctor as well.

  11. Evan Acree says:

    Anyone else absolutely psyched to see Jodie Whittaker’s take on the Doctor???

  12. CinemaSinsSins says:


  13. Li-Li Mandragon says:

    0:17 Running never changes.

  14. Jade Thompson says:

    When Eccleston left i thought that Tennant couldnt pull off such a role…I was wrong. When Tennant left i thought Matt Smith would be the most annoying.. doctor ever…i was wrong. And when Smith left i thought Capaldi would just ruin the entire show and would be my least favorite Doctor of all time…I was VERY wrong.(Peter Capaldi is my fav dr) so if doctor who can prove me wrong 3 times in a row….im more than willing to give Jodi a chance.

    • NGC6144 says:

      Jade The odds are you’ll probably win the lottery of disappointment this time around; Well, we all will.

    • Mels Chray says:


    • Anxo Simal Dosil says:

      Please remember Moffat, he wrote what are considered the best single episodes of Doctor Who (Blink, The silence on the library/Forest of the dead) However, his work as showrunner was… debatable (a lot of people liked it, a lot didn’t)

    • Zach Hahne says:

      “You’ve redecorated. I don’t like it.”

    • Marcus280898 says:

      Jade Thompson Eccleston was great, Tennant was great, Smith was mediocre made bad by poor writing, and by the time Capaldi rolled around no one in the writers room seemed to be able to write, or care about writing, a good story

  15. Primo says:

    “new worlds”

    *shows a quarry*

  16. Jonathan Ryan says:

    This doesn’t reveal… anything. How am I to make rash prejudgements now?

  17. Tom Morgan says:

    This looks so different and cinematic, I love it! Really looking forward to this when it drops.

    • Ben Smith says:

      Tom Morgan That’s actually super cool you noticed that! I read somewhere they’ve changed how they film and are using new lenses for the first time in the history of the show to make it look more cinematic than the previous series! Super excited.

  18. Alice Trans Queen says:

    There is always a bit of worry with any new doctor, will they be able to be as good as the last? Will they sell that they ARE the doctor? Well from this trailer I can say that she has seemed to NAIL it so far

    • HipsterBrigadier says:

      I honestly think they have never cast a bad doctor and I don’t see this as any difference, looking forward to the new series very much………oh and anybody reading this don’t start naming who you think are bad doctors because you’re wasting your time

    • Radheksa Bintang Akbar says:

      Alice Trans Queen i used to say that on capaldi

    • atreestump FLOSHAMA-RAMMA says:

      Not Applicable which showrunner? Steven Moffat, or Russel Davies? They both had their good and bad points. I liked Russel for his over arching stories, and his creativity, but his dialogue wasn’t very good, and it seemed lazy at times. Moffat was incredible with dialogue and liked to challenge himself. His short/one-off stories we’re great too. But the show he ran seemed derivative at times.

    • stephen noonan says:

      Then you’re very easily pleased

    • Jennifer Malone says:

      ❤️💘🔥👍 *_Yơu árè loơkíng for hơt gírls ín yоur аrеa? Тhat way_* ➤➤➤

  19. Jesse Torres says:

    I know it’s way too early to ask this, but since Capaldi did a team up with Hartnell’s Doctor (portrayed by Bradley), does anyone else wonder if they will do a team up of Whitaker and Troughton’s Doctor?

  20. JL_ROBLOX says:

    “Right, this is gonna be fun”. LOVE THAT ACCENT!

    THIS ‘IS’ INDEED GONNA BE FUN! – Can’t wait any longer! When’s it coming for me? When’s the release date?
    CHIBNAL!! – You’re doing VERY good indeed with this series, good job!


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