Doctors appointments while living on the road are kind of complicated

Doctors appointments while living on the road are kind of complicated

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  1. Russian Boi_16 says:

    Are y’all the people that walked barefoot into the local ice cream shop because that’s the vibes I’m getting from this

  2. Каждый подписчик важен. says:

    Dankoni vin, tre informa video.Mi ĝojos se ankaŭ vi venos al mia kanalo.

  3. Sergpie says:

    “Healthcare on the road is difficult”

    Then girl, go get an apartment.

    I love how modern middle/upper-class folk seem to think that a nomadic lifestyle involves driving a vehicle to different parking lots and hunting for cheap fast food while carrying sickly kids along with you for validation on the internet…

    Reminds me of a danish couple that were backpacking in South America who had with them their two babies (one looked 5-6, the other one was barely a toddler), with them both screaming and throwing fits the entire bus ride through very, very dangerous mountain roads. The kids were dirty, disheveled, snot-nosed and were visibly upset for the whole 7-hour ride. I was part of a group going to the Amazon for a field study on orchids- from La Paz to the basin, an extremely rough ride- two people from my hostel tagged-along, and this couple heard of the excursion, paid the driver to have them come along last-minute, because she wanted her kids “.. to experience ecosystems that will be gone when they’re older.” The husband was tacit the entire time, but as disheveled-looking as the kids. When we finally got to destination, the only accommodations available were huts with screens, in a damp, hot jungle full of bugs and virtually no utilities. They never left the settlement because the kids got rashes and bites of all sorts, and thankfully, they’d left in a different bud than our group on the second leg of the trip.

    Don’t impose your shitty ideals and worldviews on your children to the point that they have to suffer consequences that only you have caused in your selfishness.

  4. Daniel G says:

    You know my child had a torn lung from birth, since then she has asthmatic symptoms and has to do 3 doctor appointments a week. Never once did I ever think of making a tiktok video. Wtf is wrong with you.

    • Daniel G says:

      @Michael Myers LMFAO it’s called calling shit out. If it really hurts you that bad then maybe you should look into the mirror.

    • Michael Myers says:

      Who tf asked you? 🤨 You just used your daughter’s condition to chastise a stranger on the internet….do you feel better now after using your daughter’s condition? Father of the year right here 🙄

    • Melissa Martinez says:


  5. ThreeDogsInATrenchcoat says:

    Children lack the ability to give consent for videos or advertising their medical history. And you’re forcing him to live your lonely lifestyle? Please be better parents than this guys….this is so f*cked up.

    • bananaman 777 says:

      @Legitcurve28 🤨

    • Legitcurve28 says:

      I’m pretty sure he’s old enough to know what consent is plus they asked so technically it’s the decision of all of them

    • The man says:

      I have asthma you don’t need to do that it isn’t complicated you go to urgent care get a checkup for a prescription then go to pharmacy for a inhaler

  6. Skyler Wetzel says:

    “Medical condition is hard on the road” , with asthma? 😂 lord help y’all

    • Russian Boi_16 says:

      @LilliethShadows maybe don’t live on the road. Give your children some actual life values.

    • ELLIE BOWERS™ says:

      Asthma varies from person to person on how bad you get it, if it’s not bad for you that’s good for YOU but that doesn’t mean others don’t have it worse

    • Kitaya Wolfe says:

      @Fatal Creek Yeah, for *you.* But I’m not *you.* This kid is not *you.* All I was saying is that it was rough for me so, you shouldn’t judge based on “it wasn’t that bad for me.” That’s it. You probably had stronger lungs. You were lucky. I was not.

      Suffering shouldn’t be an argument. 🙃

    • The Underling 🇷🇺 says:

      @Sakuu I was allergic to summer-Well flowers and stuff.

    • Fatal Creek says:

      @Kitaya Wolfe I got asthma too and had too do breathing treatments and had/have an inhaler it wasn’t ever that bad and even then it’s not that big of a hassle

  7. asher nuggy says:

    cool but isn’t it kind of degrading to your channel if you make a video on ur sons medical appointments

  8. Lemon Necco says:

    The absolute STATE of this “society” right now is astonishing

    • DRIPLER says:

      @Elias Ripley thank you for acting telling me and not assuming stuff

    • Elias Ripley says:

      @DRIPLER Filming a private health-related examination of her kid, just to post it online for millions to see, just for that bastard word, clout. Shameful.

    • PositiviTree says:

      @DRIPLER how do you not get that it’s not okay to put anyone’s doctor’s appointment without their consent on the internet it’s not good to do that to anyone of any age and he isn’t not old enough to know better and neither are you apparently

    • Auston VanTine says:

      Yes I may just stop watching shorts Bc of this

    • breakfast milk says:


  9. Feathered Indian says:

    I spent a while in a hospital when I was 14 with full blown Covid pneumonia and a collapsed lung. I was pretty weak so I couldn’t move a whole lot but if my mom would have started filming a tik tok I would have used what little bit of strength I had to snatch that phone from her hand.

  10. Zane Taylor says:

    It’s funny seeing kids actually getting medical care. I was born with asthma and supraventricular tachycardia (heart condition I got surgery for and don’t have anymore) and when I’d complain at football practice or would literally have a full blown episode my mom would tell me I was out of shape 😂💀. She is an amazing mom though, just didn’t realize what she was doing and to be fair I was out of shape lol

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