Dodgeball: 2019 Pro Bowl Skills Showdown | NFL Highlights

Dodgeball: 2019 Pro Bowl Skills Showdown | NFL Highlights

The dodgeball competition at the 2019 Pro Bowl Skills Showdown.

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100 Responses

  1. zJackal says:

    Luck doesn’t want to hurt the other team, so he’s there for morale support

  2. Le'Veon Bell #26hunnit #PayBell #GOAT says:

    *AFC blew a 3-1 lead in the 2019 Skills Challenge*

  3. Ethan Amankwaah says:

    Honesty if you win the dodgeball, you win it all

    • Jason Dixon Gaming says:

      Yeah, that’s the problem with the skills showdown. Unless one team wins all of the four challenges before dodgeball (and it’s the NFL, if one team is up 3-0, the NFL will make the team up 3-0 throw the last challenge so it comes down to dodgeball) it comes down to dodgeball. Also go Jets 😀

    • seheadhunter50 says:

      Why isn’t the best thrower in football participating? Mahomes

    • Sun Warrior says:

      Dodgeball is underrated

  4. Savage Mcgee says:

    0:52 Hicks was feelin himself and got sent back to reality so fast LMFAO

  5. visionary. says:

    bruh trubisky is the meme of these challanges

    • Ece Gamez says:

      P. Nolan than and??? Ur from Chicago you have the Vikings as ur channel art and ur telling me you can’t learn accuracy really that improves over time and he is way better than Watson get out of my house go to Texas

    • P. Nolan says:

      +Ece Gamez then you weren’t a student of the game if you think Mitch is a good QB.

    • Ece Gamez says:

      P. Nolan you must have never played football his ability to extend plays is great and he has great accuracy he does miss one every now and than but he is human if you don’t recognize his talent than don’t play football watch it

    • julian santos says:

      +visionary. Watson choked in the playoffs Trubisky actually did his job and averaged 307 yards with 0 interceptions with a touchdown pass and no fumbles. I’m not saying Watson is ass but Trubisky is better.

    • Ece Gamez says:

      julian santos thank you 🙂

  6. Matthew A. says:

    Saquon dodges the ball like he dodges tackles

  7. Ali Abouzeeni says:

    AFC’s been having 2016 NBA finals flashbacks?

  8. Peerapat Srisaard says:

    They should make a 1v1 skill showdown for example cb vs wr on one route

    • Thomas Nick says:

      +Odell1310 their fun yeah, but they get too competitive especially with physical corners and wrs, we looking for good vibes only

    • M O says:

      Peerapat Srisaard yeeesssss

    • M O says:

      Beck John I take it you’ve never played football. We’d do that before practice for shits.

    • Fifty Faces of Manning says:

      also a 40 yard dash race and a sumo competition for the linemen

    • Dakota Tomlinson says:

      Nah man. You have to understand that the game they play is their life, so when they get beat, they take it very personal. It’s the mindset you need to have to make it to the league. Every guy you line up against has to be your worst enemy, and that’s not what the skills showdown is for.

  9. Clutxh Time says:

    Bro thielen killed it in the hands and dodgeball what cant the best receiver in the NFL do

  10. Carter Kubis says:

    Thielen got 5 of 6 out in the final round. Legend

  11. 1mati21 says:

    Who tf wants a superbowl if we have the real big stage here

  12. painiiv says:

    Thielen lowkey carrying the NFC

  13. 英語Sensei says:

    Adam Thielen out there just dominating all competitions

  14. Joshua Virag says:

    Why Thielen killing every competition

  15. Young FatCock says:

    Is Adam Thielen the best athlete in the league? Dude was the best at everything

    • Lakwarmer says:

      Cuz the dude took everything extremely seriosly to the point he didn’t have fun

    • North StarState says:

      Lakwarmer he did have fun. This dude was born in Minnesota. Went to Minnesota state. Didn’t get drafted and got signed. He is a star now. This dudes been through a lot and if you came up to him 4 years ago and told him he would’ve been here playing in the pro bowl. He would’ve been shocked. The dude was having fun but the talent in him doesn’t lie. He has talent.

    • Highlight Reel NFL says:


    • Jan Nelle says:

      Davante Adams

  16. Jacob Klein says:

    Adam thielen won the last game for the nfc

  17. Jason Crocker says:

    Saquon, Thielen, and Kittle are just on another level.

  18. Seattle Seahawks says:

    ? Spoiler Alert ?

    Don’t count the NFC out!

  19. Spiralx ? says:

    C’mon Trubisky gets out in the first 2 secs. He still the GOAT though.

    • Daniel Figueroa says:

      Nah Cody Parky is the GOAT

    • P. Nolan says:

      +Spiralx ? Trubisky is the reason the Bears will not win the NFC North for another 8 years. The guy can’t move past his first progression and is crazy inaccurate. Can’t teach accuracy. The guy is at the Pro Bowl because multiple other guys did not want to or could not go.

    • arsenal4thew says:

      +P. Nolan So you’re going to further judge a PRO BOWL QUARTERBACK based on his dodgeball skills. Clearly you do not think right when it comes to football.

    • P. Nolan says:

      +arsenal4thew I’m basing it on his play on the field. He happens to suck at dodge ball and is not a good NFL starting QB. He is in the Pro-bowl because other QBs turned it down because they did not want to attend or are not able to attend. Based on stats alone he shouldn’t be there. The Pro-Bowl is a popularity competition anyways.

    • Aaron Seidl says:

      Mitch couldn’t even get it done in the red zone against the eagles! ?????

  20. Spiralx ? says:

    Dodgeball is the best gamemode don’t @ me

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