Dodgers vs. Giants NLDS Game 5 Highlights (10/14/21) | MLB Highlights

Dodgers vs. Giants NLDS Game 5 Highlights (10/14/21) | MLB Highlights

Dodgers vs. Giants NLDS Gm5 full game highlights from 10/14/21, presented by Michelob ULTRA Organic Seltzer.

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56 Responses

  1. Kyle Karweik says:

    Heartbroken but I kinda saw it coming. I don’t feel any shame for the Giants losing to a Dodgers team that has gone to 3 of the last 4 World Series. They’re just too good right now. Overall a great year with many great moments. Just lost to an All-Star team. Congratulations to the Los Angeles Dodgers and their fans.

  2. Terry Lopez says:

    It’s a shame the two teams with the best records had to face off so early.

    • Warriors3011 says:

      @good vibes Bahahahahaha you think the Padres are an awful team, you’re the most delusional person then if you think so Padres sold their season in the final two months but don’t forget they were only like 1 or 2 games back of the dodgers for 2nd and 3 games back of the giants for first at one point

    • Terry Lopez says:

      @slapshot68 – Personally, I’m so impressed with umpires. How they can make so few mistakes is amazing to me. People are quick to criticize their mistakes, and pass right over the fact how often they get it right. All men make mistakes and sometimes it happens against the team we are a fan of. That’s part of life. No reason to call the man a scumbag. Otherwise you are calling yourself one.

    • Jay Nixon says:

      @Clayton Lockhart Why have divisions then if thats your logic?

    • Enrique III says:

      @𝔵𝔱𝔯𝔞𝔬𝔯𝔡𝔦𝔫𝔞𝔯𝔶 I only saw the three last outs and the check swing was not a strike.

    • Clayton Lockhart says:

      @Jay Nixon because they pit teams that are more geographically located against each other more often during the regular season, which creates better rivalries, which brings more fans out to the games, which in turn creates more revenue for baseball. It’s really a simple logic. Unlike the logic of having a team that wins 88 games and a division title in a weak division having homefield advantage over a team that won 106 games and came in 2nd place in a strong division. How about rewarding a team for their collective body of work throughout the entire season? That makes more sense to me than this current playoff format.

  3. officialdakstudios says:

    What a close end to this neck and neck 2021 series. This has gotta be one of if not the best division series of all time

    • another monday says:

      1995, Mariners Yankees.

    • BlitzTaifun / DragonScales says:

      @another monday Okay yeah that one is the best lol

    • 5thGen says:

      You on Crack

    • MISTER C says:

      Does ANYONE here realise that the DODGERS and the midgets had the TWO BEST RECORDS IN THE MAJORS, were ONLY separated by
      ONE GAME that came down to the LAST GAME of the regular season and had actually NEVER PLAYED EACH OTHER IN THE PLAYOFFS, EVER, until now….BOTH had
      109 WINS going into LAST NIGHTS GAME…

      This may NOT be the GREATEST

      GO BLUE ☝☝☝

    • Spencer Easterbrook says:

      for sure the best ever

  4. Shehryar Dawud says:

    Even tho mookie was the best player for dodgers in the series, bellinger was the mvp, big hits in both game 2 amd game 5

    • Ashwin Murty says:

      No betts is still mvp that just makes him clutch or like an x factor

    • Ralphie Man says:

      Making $16 MILLION….ya……..I gather fans would expect a hit here and there.

    • FBI playzz says:

      @Scott -O at this point all you need is the win or go home winning rbi and they’ll hand the series mvp to you

    • Warriors3011 says:

      Noo Bruh Bellinger is not the god damn mvp in this series it’s clearly mookie betts, him and the pitching is the whole reason yall won the series

    • Glendon McGee says:

      Mookie makes the Dodgers go he went 4 for 4 last night with a stolen base but Bellinger and Seager are the most clutch Dodgers the true MVPs are the bullpen guys they been pitching great

  5. Andrew Fleming says:

    Man, this series deserved 7 games. Shoutout to the Giants! I love the rivalry and respect the Giants and their fanbase. I genuinely hope next season is a repeat of 2021 in the sense of the Dodgers and Giants battling for the division.

    • Edward Camarena says:

      As do I! I especially wouldn’t mind seeing the Madres following at 3rd or 4th place.

    • Jay Ceemer says:

      The Padres or Dodgers were favored by everyone to win the division. Giants exceeded everybody’s expectations this year by a mile and took the Dodgers to the final inning in the final game. As a Dodgers fan, nothing but respect. I’m sure the Giants will be just as tough next year.

    • A C says:

      That’s it for the Giants this was their year to win. Now they will dismantle the team and become the next Chicago cubs.

    • Thao says:

      @A C they have something the Cubs don’t have…Farhan! They have promising young players, solid foundation and with that management in the mold of Dodgers/Rays/Oakland. Could compete sooner than everyone thinks.

      Farhan is building the Dodgers of the North.

  6. T Nelson says:

    Bellinger has redeemed his whole season in 2 ABs!

  7. Lopez Landscaping & Gardening says:

    I’m a dodgers fan and this has to be one of the best playoff series in MLB history. Two teams with 100+ wins in the regular season and in the same division face off in the playoffs. And even more importantly being natural rivals. They pretty much were neck and neck all series long. Pretty much pitchers duels in every game. One of the most intense series I’ve ever watched. One to remember for ever. And to think this was just the division series. We all just witnessed history.

    • Jav C says:

      Some of you LA fans need to read up on the Yankees vs Sox playoff series’ or the Yankees vs Royals as well. Those are the best. This Dodgers series was decent but only 5 games. MLB should make these 7 games if you really want to go down in history!

    • timotmon says:

      @Jav C So glad you’re here to decide what’s historic and what’s not. 🙄

    • Lopez Landscaping & Gardening says:

      @Jav C of course you can’t forget the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry, but this Dodgers-Giants series goes up there as one of the best along with the Yankees-Red Sox series.

    • J. Ramirez says:

      @Jav C yes, the early 2000s Yankees vs Red Sox was historic. It doesn’t mean every other series after that is a joke. This was also historic, first time both teams face each other in a playoff…ever.

    • Jav C says:

      @Lopez Landscaping & Gardening sorry but that is an overreaction. this was a 5 game series and how often have they played each other in the playoffs?
      the two teams would have to duplicate this again and again for decades to get on the level of the Yankees vs Sox

  8. ursdj17 says:

    This is the most polite comment thread of sports fanatics, especially between two heated rivalry fanbases.
    Unbelievable! Great series!

    • MagicalBread says:

      @Alta California @Stephen Ford brought politics into the mix

    • MagicalBread says:

      @Stephen Ford So we’re “soft” for being respectful of this 100+ year long rivalry?

      I’m fine with that.

      I don’t see the problem with being respectful of both team’s long legacies in Baseball.

    • R O says:

      The teams left it all on the field. As a fan of either team, it stings alot less when your team showed up and you witnessed an amazing division series. As a Dodgers fan, I would have taken this loss well given that both teams were amazing and both deserved to advance.

    • MrTelewill says:

      LA stole this game.I demand a forensic audit.
      Stop the steal!

    • Spencer Easterbrook says:

      im a diehard dodgers fan but i respect sf they had a great season

  9. David Oh says:

    In case the padres still want to declare themselves rivals to the dodgers, THIS is what a true rival looks like. Great series between the two best teams in baseball. The Giants were incredible.

    • Jav C says:

      LOL, the Padres! They are nobody’s and never will be’s

    • Chosen says:

      @Betty to be fair everyone uses that chant against LA teams especially the lakers and dodgers

    • Isamar Perez says:

      The fact that the Dodgers fans love to talk about the Padres and hate on them is a sign of a rivalry. Real rivalry is not nice and polite. What the Giants and Dodgers have is competition which is not the same.

    • Jav C says:

      @Isamar Perez not even close. it is a sign to remind the Padres fans they are not on the same level as the Dodgers. i am not a fan of either team or the Giants, but the Padres are that little punk kid who thinks he’s something but fails to prove it every chance they get.
      Pads fired their manager already because the players are not very good.
      Padres are nobody and that team wanted to be great without actually earning it. PATHETIC!

    • NO ONE says:

      @Chosen because we’re kings , that’s why they need a chant to hype themselves up. But they always fall short

  10. Scenic Fights says:

    Such an iconic series that has one of the most disappointing endings ever. I was against Robo umps, but this series has changed my mind.

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