Does Bill O’Reilly Have His Own Brian Williams Problem?

Does Bill O’Reilly Have His Own Brian Williams Problem?

O’Reilly has said he was in a “war zone” that apparently no American correspondent reached. Read the full story here:

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20 Responses

  1. morphite says:

    the left is pathetic, trying to play the fox does it to card might just be
    the lamest thing in 2015

  2. Tommy7444 says:

    If you watch cnn or fox news you should probably kill yourself. Both
    networks are full of idiotic people and racist pigs

  3. Dirk vdO says:

    Fox News. The ISIS/ISIL of the television world. Just a bunch of idiots
    that convinced themselves they’re doing the right thing.

  4. Nnaemeka Odunze says:

    Fox News is the place where white baby boomers come to hear how great
    America is for doing so and so and how Democrats are trying to ruin the
    country, and how their “conservative”, “traditional” values are constantly
    under attack. It’s pathetic that they have to watch that farce of a news
    network to validate their belief in Old America. Can’t stand the news in
    general. The media in general twists so much. That’s why I look to other
    resources that don’t rely heavily on ratings on TV or clicks on the
    internet. Because too many times in this day in age, you hear one thing
    from the media but easily find out a different thing from first person
    accounts that they conveniently altered in their own broadcasts or articles
    to meet their narrative. 

  5. LivingTrancefully says:

    I own you are dumb. “war zone in Argentina in the Faklands.” 30 seconds in.

  6. Aaron Jefferson says:

    Watch my iron fist challenge videos and subscribe 

  7. Nathaniel Lopez says:


  8. Bob Hill says:

    Fox News is still the best at ‘news entertainment’.

  9. Randall Goguen says:

    Lying war monger.

  10. Dat Phuong says:


  11. Dat Phuong says:


  12. GARY YOUNG says:

    Tim Page & Peter Arnett are real War Correspondents the two aforementioned
    are Not

  13. Daycow417 says:

    I am a registered independent and more important than these two idiots
    brian williams and bill o’reilly is the fact that all news outlets like
    people are protected by the first amendment. Think about that. Entities
    that are responsible for informing you about your country and the world can
    say whatever they want to say without consequence. . . . . . . .that is
    more important.

  14. TheTruthHurts says:

    People that watch cable news need to get a goddam hobby.

  15. gurdyghost says:

    “He did not lie..I was there with him.”— Brian Williams 

  16. Dan Rhomberg says:

    He said he was in Argentina you imbecile….nice try mother….extremely
    poor attempt to compair to Williams saying he was shot down when in reality
    he landed under no fire for a sandstorm….lol…give me a break.

  17. kelley davis says:

    I am sure O’Reilly is not the only reporter on Fox to embellish stories.

    What a wonderful come upns xD

  18. Animu TOPKEK says:

    >saw in Popular on YouTube list
    >click link
    >Mother Jones


  19. Saxmasta387 says:

    David Corn an assistant in this investigation is “…Washington bureau
    chief of Mother Jones magazine and an MSNBC commentator.” What did you
    expect him to say “Oh Bill O’Reilly is a great man.” Until his camera man
    comes out and specifically says Bill is a liar, (like what happened with
    Brian Williams, the pilot came out and said he was lying), this will be
    nothing more than a desperate attempt by the liberals (CBS and MSNBC) to
    try and attack Fox News.

  20. Hadley Pleasanton says:

    Oy gevalt! Mother Jones’s list of intellectual contributors reads like the
    guest list from young Shlomo Shekelberg’s bar mitzvah. Did George Soros
    Schwartz stipulate that weren’t allowed to hire *any* goyim, or was it just
    implied? Watch the optics, my *Welch* friends, we wouldn’t want the goy to
    catch on now, would we? ;)