Does DeMarcus Cousins give the Warriors the greatest starting five ever? | First Take

Does DeMarcus Cousins give the Warriors the greatest starting five ever? | First Take

Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman debate if the Golden State Warriors will have the greatest starting five ever when DeMarcus Cousins returns from his injury.

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113 Responses

  1. barov Jalal says:

    people forgot Boogie was the best center in the game

  2. Glorious Moe says:

    Wtf the bulls would get swept against this golden state team if cousins healthy foh

    • ATL 1 says:

      their starting five would foul out

    • Dick Grayson says:

      You new kids need to go play xbox gtfoh

    • Jordan eleven says:

      you sound dumb asl and yo if i ever seen you in real life you better know its crackin im beaten tf outchu jus cause you said some dumb because you mad sweep jordan… a fucken retard

    • Jereme Jones says:

      the problem is this, they talk about defense but roadman couldnt shoot let alone score at that, he wouldnt be a great rebounder cause lets be honest they going to drag his ass away from the paint , curry is definitely cooking whoever guarding him, durant cooking pippen lets be honest, jordan going to win his match up with klay , cousins winning his match up , who off the bench kukoc? iggy clamping him say im lying…. the only reason teams are not physical today , is because they aint allowed to be , the rules stop them from being over aggressive , if they could handcheck and body check , you think cousins big ass wouldnt? you have to be able to lock your man down without even touching him today , which makes the defenders insanely better… why was jordan getting his ass bounced out the first round damn there the whole 80s then? they never played a team that can get you 51 in 1 quarter with 100 3s …. jordan didnt even shoot above 30% from 3 lol they would get crushed…

    • bigwaltpro says:

      They will have the first starting 5 to all be inducted in the hall of fame.

  3. Danny Gee says:

    Even without Cousins its still one of the best ever

    • James Bryan Gavilo says:

      +Doctor Cthulhu there not gonna struggle because they have skills set . What about mugsy and Isaiah Thomas they don’t have the length and size but can play on that era

    • David Sanchez says:

      Without Cousins they needed an historic bad shooting night… an injury to one of the best PGs of all time… n needed refs help to win against the Rox… so i guess last year Rox were one of the best of all time too!

    • Joel Magnaye says:


    • Jordan eleven says:

      thats what happens when you draft 3 allstars ask yo favorite player about that nvm he aint do it

    • Aaron Turner says:

      I agree and I add without boogie, we have an achillies heel

      Go figure

  4. Derrick Iverson says:

    So we have
    A 2 time mvp and best shooter ever

    The best 3 and D player ever

    An unstoppable scorer who is a very good defender

    A guy that can defend 1-5 with all NBA defense talent

    A guy that can bully anyone in the post, shoot 3s get 12 rebs and 5 asts

  5. Ivan Morales. says:

    I hate the Warriors but c’mon son… Steph, Klay, KD, Draymond and Boogie. Name a better starting 5. Steph and Klay are probably 2 of the greatest shooters of all time. KD is like the 3rd best player in the league. Draymond is an average player at best but the Warrior’s playstyle brings the best out of him and makes him way more effective. Boogie is probably the best center in the league… dude was putting up numbers with AD.

    • Chad Garrison says:

      Ivan Morales. Boogie was a monster with my team in Sacramento boiii

    • Timothy Burke says:

      Anybody that thinks Draymond is average at best has no idea what they are seeing on the floor. Draymond is the cog and the spokes flow because he is there. The dude gets no respect because of the greatness around him but he would be an allstar anywhere and if he is on the Rockets they would be a huge favorite to win it all. The fuckin guy does everything on the floor and doesn’t need to score which is all people understand about the game. No Draymond W’s have zero titles.

    • reptilexcq2 says:

      I wouldn’t say Draymond is average at best. His defense is elite and his help defense and awareness are out of this world. His passing skills is needed to run this offense. In fact, HE IS THE QB of the Golden State starting 5!! His only weakness is shooting but other skills are elite. So you add everything together….he can’t be an average player.

    • Jordan eleven says:

      this mf start with i hate the warriors but you watch more of our highlights than ya own team you commenting on our shit you on a video about the warriors and ya team dam sure aint the clippers so why is u niggas here warriors fans aint watchin lebron or kawhi or okc nem ALL YOU NIGGAS IS DEPRESSED WEIRDOS mfs come to the comment section to blow off some steam about our team go play that fortnight shit

  6. Manny Manhattan Music says:

    Warriors basically an all time team on 2k

  7. Friends Of Red Demi says:

    Man said best starting 5 than only named 4 guys LMAO… And he kept doing it! That’s how you know you don’t have an argument

  8. Show Out says:

    Warriors the type to come up with the game plan to beat you during warmups

    • tyler gordon says:

      TurkeyBacon510 thanks for proving my point

    • TurkeyBacon510 says:

      pretty sure that wasnt ur point lmao, some ppl are just retarded. ur point was that KD was cheap by joining the warriors and anyone can coach a warriors team with all this talent ( kd) being the main talent who made the warriors overpowered.
      they had 73 wins without him, luke didnt win with kd, so sayings anyone can coach this team, “luke won 24 str8” ya not with this team, and this team has never won 24 str8 soooo ya ur point wasnt proven at all, pretty sure with kd joining they should have gone 40 str8 according to ur dumb logic, but they didnt. how come??? i thought anyone could coach them.

    • H G says:

      more like Half-Time … and it only takes the 3rd Quarter

    • Hugh S. Hay says:

      +Blaise Their game plan is threes and frees. Chuck and drive.

    • MrWill9668 says:

      @Blaise lmao “don’t hit snooze on the alarm so we don’t forfeit for being late”

  9. caleb scott says:

    As much as I hate the warriors there is no competition here
    Steph curry-2 time MVP best shooter ever, creates wide open shots for others because of how much of a threat he is
    Klay Thompson- ultimate 3 and D player, 2nd best shooter of all time
    Kevin Durant- 7 foot sf debatably the most capable offensive player of all time.
    Diamond green- great defensive player, ball mover, really does hit shots in big games, really good at making opposing fans mad (me)
    Demarcus cousins- top 3 center in the league, good passer, good shooter, dominate at taking big centers off at dribble.
    I hate the warriors but let’s be honest this is the beat collection of talent of all time.

  10. dabby dabby says:

    Max be on a different planet with his NBA analysis lol

  11. caleb scott says:

    I hate Kevin Durant but I think he’s becoming under rated because he joined the warriors, he is in the discussion for best offensive player of all time period

    • Hector Hernandez says:

      Ur retarded kid I’ll get smashed back in the day

    • Martin Onuegbu says:

      I wouldn’t say top 13 yet…. but he will most likely get there.. I think he’ll finish 12- 15 somewhere… if he leave GSW and actually has success without them, then maybe higher than number 12

    • Jordan eleven says:

      +Dan Dan westbrook and his okc got ejected by a rookie name donavan Mitchell westbrook been trash harden was a 6th man at the time and ofcourse lebron had his superteam as always

    • bigwaltpro says:

      Kevin Durant is becoming underrated. That’s more than likely going be the driving force why he signs with the 76ers.

    • Dan Dan says:

      +Jordan eleven man please dont remind me of that lol last year was a upset but you forget they aint have Roberson plus jazz was wayyy more stack compared to okc team, they had alot descent role players okc barely had a bench that was there weakness and carmelo was a issue. But kd with okc was always stack pretty good you cant deny that they was never top 5 most times they where top 3 even in the finals didn’t they have home first? Kd always had good players around him and all stars he just couldn’t get it done because the ball was in his hand to much he couldnt lead a team with his game he went to warriors to get the distraction off of him i like kd once again im not hating on em hes one of the best i seen play even tho im a lebron fan also.

  12. watchful news says:

    Who’s excited to see the warriors play tonight be honest?

  13. watchful news says:

    If the GSW aint the best team in history, why cry so much about their roster, the majority of people were never mad that KD left Westbrook, but the fact that he improved his ability to win chips with a better team, they knew all along westbrook was toxic to winning because of his BRICK BUILDING, but they continue to hide behind the KD was disloyal narrative, calling it the weakest move by a superstar, making KD the scapegoat, releiving any fault’s that a bad shooting % westbrook brought to the situation, hell even the OKC organization as a whole, who STILL has done nothing to curb russ’s craving to hoist up BAD shots, and for that matter, Curry never gets critisizm ever only KD, aren’t they both on the same team, name 1 time anybody ever gave Curry flack for having to get KD if they was good already, they wouldn’t of needed him, coming aboard this team, they beat a depleated Cavs team then lost the next year, then courted KD, get the shiznik right before you open that fly trap lmbao.

    • Almighty Carrio says:

      Ppl loose there mind when u say anything or anybody better then mj or Bulls smdh

    • Swerveey says:

      It is a weak move. Sure he’s winning but those chips won’t mean half as much if he did it with his own team instead of joining a 73-9 team. That will always be the asterisk on KD’s legacy, just like LeBron has the Miami/Dallas asterisk.

    • Naseer Williams says:

      No ones sayimg its kds fault for making.a business move.people just don’t like it because he could’ve won with okc but didint shown up and it created an extreme imbalancenin parity and competition

    • watchful news says:

      Naseer Williams have you seen westbrooks thought pattern in games down 2 the wire dude wth you want KD to do with that, when he still doing it now

    • GodSon says:

      They mean everything. Who cares what I’m not going to win anything in life pwoplw think. KD is a Champion and that is Facts.

  14. D-Free says:

    I have no idea what Max be talking about half the time lmao

  15. Mat Cassagne says:

    Position by position this is the greatest starting 5 ever, Stephen A and Max are wrong here. I’m from the Jordan era and people have a tendencies to fall in love with the past over and over again, how the past was so much better… that nostalgia fever need to stop. I think the warriors as presently build would probably beat the bulls and that a fact, old rules or new rules doesn’t matter, in the past nobody was shooting like Steph, Klay and KD. When the Warriors click it’s a wrap, on top of being great individuals they have a great chemistry that only a few team ever had.

    • Jrock420blam says:

      +Darkness Flame Media they would watch Klay put up 50 if they did that. No matter your scenario the Warriors are too well balanced on both sides with Curry as the only real defensive liability. Bulls had a fantastic defense but they never had to deal with 4 guys capable of dropping 50. Bulls don’t have enough scorers, Klay and Green could be on MJ and put KD on Pippen. Who else on the Bulls is gonna put up big numbers? Rodman?

    • Chris Renshaw says:

      warriors best starting five ever I don’t care max or steven a smith says they are wrong

    • joyis9638 says:

      Warriors were always soft …and lucky! Every title they got is dissed because someone major on the opposing side went down … CP3 last being just one example…Despite MSM spin … these warriors are like the 14th best team in NBA history because while they are best ever at hitting open shots, they have no heart, cannot play inside, and cannot D it up unless the NBA officials decree they are allowed to foul without a call, which they have done in the past. Talk to the hand all who stupidly disagree. Christmas game vs Lakers where LBJ went out in the 3rd quarter and still got blown out is just more proof. And losing in 2016 up 3 games to 1 and WANTING and NEEDING KD to join them…that is like MINUS a TITLE …LOL .. yeah .. right … Wimps and crybabies and front runners … Not a chance they get another ring and will back up that talk come play-offs …They won’t win it all ever again! Not that they ever really won … gifted by the NBA …

    • Chris Renshaw says:

      +joyis9638 no your just a troll and a hater warriors won there titles with skill not luck your just stupid

    • Kakaroto K says:

      Mat Cassagne Rules doesn’t matter?? ???. Rules are everything bro.
      90s Bulls vs today’s GSW result will depends on the rules.
      With Today’s rules, GSW wins. With 90s Rules Chicago is the clear favorite.
      Rules are everything

  16. James I suck the refs off before games Harden says:

    If 5’11, 160 pound Allen Iverson was able to play in that Era I don’t see how Steph wouldn’t be able to

    • Souleymane Nimaga says:

      Lol you can’t argue with people who started watching basketball in the past 5 years, AI has dealt with far more injuries, he played with hand checks, diving on the floor, he smoked some of the best defenders, steph curry will have a better career but don’t play with AI’s name

    • Max 117 says:

      Yeah he probably could. But he wouldn’t be as effective as Iverson. Iverson could drive the ball and he was so much quicker than everyone else. Curry would probably be just like Reggie Miller but with better handles.

    • James Bryan Gavilo says:

      Lol basketball is not a wrestling or boxing, what the fuck is that era ,

    • Ian Samuel says:

      yo i will say this, AI’s injuries on record for the playoff run where he took the 76’s to the finals against the lakers was borderline in the double digits… the dude was a straight up pit bull.

    • Brandon Brown says:

      And a.i never got a ring so your point issss??

  17. Adam Leon says:

    tonological nature of Darwinism

    • Aaron Turner says:

      +HELENO HENZO evolution is an absolute fact .

    • Aaron Turner says:

      +Luke Nutkicker a lot of the time Ive noticed people get hung up on the word, “theory”. They take it in a common context akin to saying my guess is. What I do is try to explain to them the usage of the word theory in a scientific context is totally different from everyday language.

    • HELENO HENZO says:

      +Aaron Turner to who dont know science and confuse textbook or sayings of so called scientists with science. i bet u never thought what life is, thats why you think evolution is fact. life is coordination of things, that means it can only exist at once like bible teaches, beside also it takes mind to know purpose before purpose provider can exist

    • Luke Nutkicker says:

      +Aaron Turner Yeah, it’s another hurdle that has to be overcome when explain basic scientific facts to the misled.

    • Luke Nutkicker says:

      +HELENO HENZO The problem with what you’re saying is that you have zero tangible evidence to prove your claim other than a book filled with fairytales and self contradictions. You can’t possible make a legitimate argument for your positions so you’re forced to try and poke holes with some half baked and frankly idiotic sophistry. Science unlike your book uses evidence, is peer reviewed, and doesn’t is open to change when more evidence is found. That’s much more than the bullshit your spewing.

  18. The Chameleon says:

    They were already the greatest starting 5 without Boogie

  19. Declan F. says:

    Each of their starters is arguably top 3 in the league at their position. That’s just insane.

  20. Baara B says:

    If this current team adds Lebron James and subtract Draymond from the starting 5, they’ll still say those 80s and 90s teams starters were better. Stephen A Smith is blinded by nostalgia

    • cmoneyno5 says:

      The Pistons played like the Warriors do now… Isaiah has the record for 3 point percentage in the Finals

    • gerardgag says:

      Honestly speaking even though Lebron Is better than Green as a team they would overall be worse with Lebron because he does not fit the system

    • Gasner Demos says:

      Baara I’m sure you’re under 15 years old

    • jonz23m says:

      If we keep it real there is nothing there to suggest that players from the 80’s and 90’s couldn’t learn how to shoot the 3. Nothing changed in the shooting mechanics in the last 30 years. The only thing that has changed is the perception of it’s value . But it’s hard in any era to play against a physical team when physicality is allowed.

    • bigwaltpro says:

      Outside of the USA teams the current starting 5 of Golden State is Definitely the best in NBA history. Hopefully Cousins stay when Durant goes to Philly.

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