Does LeBron need a 4th title to pass Jordan as the GOAT? | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Does LeBron need a 4th title to pass Jordan as the GOAT? | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Rob Parker joins Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor to discuss the 2018 NBA Finals. Hear what Rob Parker thinks LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers chances are to defeat the Golden State Warriors. Plus, does LeBron need to win a 4th title to pass Michael Jordan as the GOAT. Do you agree with Rob?

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About Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED:
UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe, and moderated by Joy Taylor on FS1. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

Does LeBron need a 4th title to pass Jordan as the GOAT? | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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86 Responses

  1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED says:

    Can LeBron become the GOAT?

  2. james d says:

    Man the double standard is real. LeBron could face GOD in the finals and if he lost people would bash him for it LeBron isn’t my favorite nor do I think he’s the goat but he’s criticized, analyzed and dissected more then any other player thats walked this earth.

  3. shifter1919 says:


  4. Juan Medel says:

    It’s so unfair for lebron

  5. Golden Boy says:

    Leshannon is a real blind witness. LeBron is a great player but he ain’t a 🐐!! The real MJ 23 was a 🐐🐐🏀🏀🏀🏀🐐🐐🏋🏋🏋🏆🏆🏆🏆😇😇😇👍👍👍🙌🙌😜. Even if LeBron beats GSW 2018, he still ain’t Jordan because Jordan was perfect & mentally crazy strong & not a weak baller. Period end of story the new generation go back & watch MJ VHS mix tapes. The NBA today is soft & weak. Stupid NBA it’s not even fair to Michael Jeffrey Jordan to compare him to anybody. Even Larry 🐦 called him the closest thing to GOD Damm it. 😱😵🤑😬 LBJ passive, MJ🐐🏀👍 KILLer will & true skill!!!!

  6. StupidIsAsStupidDoe2 says:

    If Kobe was a ring chaser, he could have easily went to 8 or 9 straight finals. LeBron is trash because of his decision to make a super team and start an arms race in the NBA.

    • YSL says:

      EmperorJBO y u hatin?

    • Danyboy says:

      “LeBron is trash” Sir can you please perish? Thanks. I could argue and refute what you have stupidly said but it would be a waste of neurons. So just, Sink.

    • Gick Djoud says:

      EmperorJBO. P.Gasol had James Posey, Shane Battier, Earl Watson, Mike Miller, Bonzi Wells, Brian Cardinal, Lorenzen Wright, Stromile Swift, and Dahntay Jones in Memphis Grizzlies, what did he do? Nothing ! P.Gasol was a weak player before KOBE ; KOBE made P.Gasol, period.

    • John Doe says:

      Danyboy or, you just can’t refute anything he said, and had to resort to name calling!

  7. TheChronicDocumentary DreGame says:

    LeBron is LeBron and Jordan is Jordan. They’re both GOATs and good players in their own eras. Damn stop comparing greatness to greatness

    • StevenN says:

      TheChronicDocumentary DreGame I don’t think you know what Goat stands for.

    • Young Buck says:

      StevenN I dont think you understand, there is no GOAT. How many would pick MJ in 1v1 game vs Bill, Kareem or Wilt? Its a stupid debate, there is no GOAT. you can only be the GOAT in your era, you cant go back in time or forward in time to prove MJ is better than Wilt or vice versa.

      GOAT debate is pure stupidity.. just Like MJ has 6 so hes the goat.. but Bill has 11 and MJ is better.. Doesnt make sense youy see?

  8. daveberg69 says:

    6 rings.
    10 scoring titles.
    1 DPOY.
    x3 Steals titles.
    5 MVP’s.
    6 finals MVP’s.
    9x All defensive team.
    x3 Allstar MVP
    x14 Allstar selection
    x10 all NBA first team

    All of this in ONLY 13 full seasons. Lebron is in season 15 and hasn’t even scratched the surface of Jordan’s accolades.

    It’s not even a debate.

  9. Jordan Izudike says:

    Rob Parker that dude that hates himself every time he gets up

    • Matthew Moscotto says:

      Rob is correct about this. Jordan in his prime … Nobody ate until he retired the first time and then when he came back nobody ate again. LeBron in his prime got two in a row… But 3 wins out of 8 Championship runs. If Jordan never retired the first time Jordan might have had 8 rings in a row. Let that sink in….

    • DeWayne Phillips says:

      Jordan Izudike, you mad like leshanon because he’s telling the truth. Lol

    • DeWayne Phillips says:

      Matthew Moscotto, exactly

    • jwst says:

      NO CF he made a completely valid argument here, maybe even the best one when it comes to MJ and LBJ.. ppl are just jumping on a hate bandwagon.. btw, i think lebron is an amazing player

    • The Flight Boyz says:


  10. dayostical says:

    Shannon looked like he wanted to lay Rob Parker out…he was low-key mad af.

  11. J 2 says:

    MJ > Lebron

    Why? 6 rings.

  12. dadon61981 says:

    He will never be better then mj..

    • LOHX Jeff says:

      dadon61981 bro mj have a superteam,lebron have nth

    • Mark Vincent Tan says:

      because he already is better

    • Frank Mclain says:

      LOHX Jeff ummm… lebron went and formed a superteam,once that team aged he went and recruited another superteam to go back to Cleveland. Jordan stuck w Chicago, was loyal through the early years and earned his rings. LeBron chased them. Don’t forget that

    • Kobe doesn't need a Big 3 says:

      LOHX Jeff
      so Lebron+DWade+CBosh is not a superteam? He had a superteam and still lost to an old Mavs and an old Spurs man. GTFOH

  13. Kenneth Rodgers says:

    These nuckle heads Skip and that other guy with that cheap suit….
    LeBron James himself has the statistics to be the goat. This dude with the cheap suit added Curry to his emotional LIST must be a radio guy that didn’t play sports. LeBron James stats indicates that he has broken close to every stats with his PROFORMANCES itself !!!!!

    • MG festo says:

      Whats the point of putting up stats that dont get you titles, that way Lebron is one of the greatest players but not in the ranks of Michael Jordan

    • EmperorJBO says:

      Kenneth- I’d rather have a winning record in the finals along with the stats.
      The guy with the cheap suit has a point.

      Lebron just plays in a pathetic conference is why he is able to do it.

      This is why we laugh hard at Lebron fans: He has a losing record against Tim Duncan. So why am I even worry about discussing him with others?

    • mrblob20 says:

      Lebron padded his stats with his jugillion flops

  14. IRONLUNGZ akaKUSH says:

    Did anybody catch the fact that he basically just said the nba is rigged smh…🤦🏾‍♂️

    • ImCaliKidOfficial says:

      besides the rockets shooting terrible that second half, they couldnt get a call going their way the whole night. Harden got fouled on a 3, the refs called a foul but not a foul and 3 shots.

    • Marko Todorović says:

      Harden got fouled on 3 3 point attempts, 1 of which he hit plus a foul.That’s 3 points, plus 7 free throws taken away from Houston.Say he hit 5/7.5 plus 3 points, 8…Capela called for steps when it wasn’t a travel.10 points total stolen from Houston.Capela called fora goaltend, when it was a clean block.Moving screen not called on Jordan Bell against Harden, when Steph hit a three.5 points gifted to the warriors.So, Rockets had 10 points taken away from them, and the Warriors 5 given…Golden State won by 9…

    • Young Buck says:

      Jamal you tripping son. Go take your meds. No one with 2 or more brain cells was picking OKC over Miami. I bet you dont think its rigged when Lebron losses though.

    • James Lyons says:

      Marko Todorović

      It’s funny how you only talk about the missed call on Houston side of the fence what about all the calls that they missed on the warrior side of the fence let’s go ahead and add them up on both ends and you will see that the Rockets actually went to the free-throw line more than the Warriors did LOL!!

  15. BiblicalReaper says:

    Team vs player this narrative is such bs lmao.

    • Kobe doesn't need a Big 3 says:

      Did Lebron not have a Big 3? Why do people think he don’t have a team in those Finals loses especially against the Mavs and Spurs? Jordan only needed Pippen and he won 3 straight. Lebron has 2 All-Stars on both teams and had what record? I would trade D-wade + C-Bosh for 1 Scottie Pippen at any era anyday. And why did Lebron loss while with those 2? And against who; an old Mavs;an old Spurs? GTFOH

    • Mowflex The SubNegro says:

      BiblicalReaper Exactly. They have to find a way to make Lebron look good.

  16. dark.bright 陰陽 says:

    Rob “I have no idea what I’m talking about” Parker

  17. koytoys says:

    Why are finals appearances more important than championships?

    • Andrew Sundberg says:

      koytoys because getting there matters….. it’s better than getting swept in the first round 3 time like Jordan did……

    • Terrance Creamer says:

      Omg generation of losers you are not the goat if you get beat multiple times in the finals,it’s always about winning in sports no one remembers the losers dam it’s to the point y’all want him to be the goat so bad you’re starting to except him losing in the finals come on man

    • whitemamba1656 says:

      koytoys finals appearances aren’t as valuable as championships. For me 2 finals appearances are about as impressive as one championship

    • mar Wil says:

      TurboChards lbj Stat so far 8 finals. 28pts, 7reb,7ast. 3finals mvp, 4 league mvp, 12 all defensive first team, 6 all first team defensive, 1 scoring leader, 3 all Stars mvp. Mj stats 30pts,6reb,5ast. Went 6 finals. 6 finals mvp, 5 league mvp, 10 all nba first team, 9 all first team defensive, 10 scoring leader, 3 steals, 1 DPOY, 3 all Stars mvp, 2 time slam dunk champ. Which resume look good.

  18. King Tip says:

    Rob Parker Look 👀 Like A Aging Grey Hound 🤣😂🔥🔥

  19. Karma Red says:

    *Simple* I see Rob Parker and go to the comment section 😂😂

  20. Samuel Pagan says:

    Bill Russell 11 out of 13 rings.

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