Does LeBron regret joining the Lakers? | First Take

Does LeBron regret joining the Lakers? | First Take

Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman debate whether LeBron James regrets joining the Los Angeles Lakers.

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93 Responses

  1. brian harley says:

    Lebron wouldn’t be having these problems if he would’ve signed with the Sixers

  2. CoolmanX5 says:

    I think it’s the other way around. The lakers is regretting lebron joined.

  3. Bam Bam says:

    The real problem was LBJ thought Paul George and other FA at the time we’re gonna flock to LA because he was there. 2nd Magic said in the summer they’d get another superstar once free agency hit then turned around and started trying to do everything THIS season instead of letting LBJ get chemistry with their other young guys who could/are turning out to be pretty damn good. Problem now is everyone hearing about him secretly talking with other players and saying how he’d like to play with this/that guy is very disrespectful to guys on his team who are working their assess off and if they didn’t feel disrespected then, they sure as hell do now after hearing that the Lakers we’re gonna basically trade them away just to bring in a guy LBJ wanted. They should’ve just stuck with plan and waited til free agency and if LBJ was planning something with AD he should’ve just said come free agency I’LL SEE YOU IN LA then LBJ & AD could’ve just sucked it up and not cause any distractions with their current teams. Now AD who thought he’d end up in LA will probably get shipped elsewhere intentionally by his team just so he doesn’t end up a Laker and neither player gets their way.

    • Jniebla says:

      Bam Bam the problem with waiting for AD to be a free agent is that Lebron is getting old and he can’t wait another year for AD ya know. But I agree with most of what you said bro

    • Zhyon Flowers says:

      George Harry you say that as if the lakers could actually beat them in a 7 game series?

    • George Harry says:

      Zhyon Flowers they could if they play well enough. But ya basically everyone would have to make their shots every game and play incredible defense.

    • Gabe says:

      Bam Bam facts!! They were supposed to wait for AD’s contract to be up….now they not getting AD and AD bout to get sent somewhere he doesn’t want to be for another year. Not very smart on Magic’s/LBJ/Rich Paul’s part

    • imsljr420 says:

      +George Harry you clearly haven’t watched much basketball if you think a sorry team like the Lakers being up 10 vs a great team like warriors means anything. 1st of all great teams that know they’re going to win the championship don’t really care about the regular season they just try to win enough to be a high seed in the playoffs and 2nd they know they can make comebacks against weak teams. I remember the Bulls in the 90s use to do that get behind in the game and by the 3rd only be down a little and the 4th take over and win the game. same with the spurs when they were winning championships they would start off slow then go on 10 game winning streaks then 15 in a row and before you knew it they were in 1st place. so whether a regular season game or the season great teams will take it easy and then turn it up.

  4. 032090 says:

    Lebron sold his entire team out! For one player! It doesn’t matter how good AD is, it’s shameful to know that Lebron and Magic have made it known that they’re willing to gut the whole team for one player. And how does the team respond to that? Lose by 42 points.
    Why would anyone want to play for Lebron after seeing how he treats his own teammates?

    • Jahniel Cenabre says:

      So Sa that explains him sitting at the end of the bench

    • Hayden Dumalag says:

      Lebron loves playing in trash teams.

      Ironically, these trash teams often gets overhauled by acquiring star players

      so why not just go into strong teams the same way KD did?

      No need to kick players, no need to play with puppet coaches, no need to compromise team chemistry.

      Lebron James: I’ll go to a trash team so I can prove that I am so good I can carry it to the finals

      might have worked in the east lol

    • Lu Uube says:

      So Sa if he stopped acting like he’s a gm. we would stop holding him accountable .

    • HukGuay says:

      What were you expecting to happen? Everyone that actually watches the nba knew the team was going to get traded eventually

    • Adrian says:

      +mbp85 throw what team under the bus? Thats why all those former cavs players respect bron and always come to his defense. U dont know shit

  5. DGames says:

    Im a Lakers fan….trade Lebron for Davis.

  6. Carl Winslow says:

    Ingram averages more points than Tatum. Lonzo averages more assists…

  7. muffinfairy97 says:

    Literally the dumbest place he could of went, if winning more rings was his goal.

    • joey zapata says:

      Ohio is overall a much better place to live than California and this is coming from someone who has lived in Cali all his life. +Conner moran

    • Conner moran says:

      Gabriel Arnett my dad forgot an nbas players job was to help homeless

    • BlueOval You says:

      +joey zapata depending on your lifestyle though. I agree, me personally can live in the county sides of OH. And be great for life! But others may think differently of the 2.

    • joey zapata says:

      Don’t get me wrong, I love Cali but if I were pick a spot to raise a family, Ohio would be way high one the list over Cali. +BlueOval You

    • BlueOval You says:

      +joey zapata I agree with that.

  8. Kalicharan Yalala says:

    This is going to Lebron’s worst decision joining LA and he will have 0 championships with Lakers

    • Somregularguy says:

      Kalicharan Yalala it hasn’t even been 1 season yet

    • bargain bob says:

      I think at his age he doesnt care as much as people think. He went to LA to set himself for his post playing days. He wants to be in the billionaire status and LA can help him get there.

    • Jeremy Ayala says:

      LeBrons only hurting himself.

    • will Hancock says:

      its not about championships its about money because it is a buisness. lebron net worth is higher then the top 5 starters on gsw combined. lebron already won. the gsw players taking pay cuts and all that shit. they cant ball forever and that tech investment shit aint shit lol. lebron has his own shows and such. hes winning. anyone in the league taking less money to try and join gsw is losing. lebron will always be mention more no matter how many rings these other guys win.

    • Robert Torres says:

      Cortney Plummer sort of my guy

  9. LaLLUMINATI says:

    He regrets coming to the west ???

  10. Ray Delarosa says:

    What happened sas you jumping off the bandwagon?What about the conferance finals ? Lol

  11. G-Dub 85 says:

    Lebron made a business decision and not a basketball decision

  12. Jax Ace says:

    Lebron’s gonna trade you all watching or reading this. Man I Love Lebron but damn, only Lebron could manage turning the lakers into another Cleveland ?

  13. Ali A says:

    More like “Do the lakers regret signing Lebron?”

  14. Andre Allen says:

    More proof LeBron doesn’t make his teammates better. LeBron James has never won a championship without multiple all stars . Please stop comparing this clown to Jordan

    • Hayden Dumalag says:

      +will Hancock Even European teams can beat Lebron’s all star team LMAO

    • CT G says:

      What player has won a championship without multiple allstars? People forget that basketball is a team sport and a championship can’t be won by a player no matter how great or competive they are.

    • Ryan Liu says:

      Rodman and pippin…

    • CT G says:

      +Zzzzz Walks How many did he win as a lone star?

    • Hayden Dumalag says:

      +CT G Scottie Pippen DEVELOPED into an all star and because they were always into the finals he DEVELOPED into a HOF status

      Lebron’s all star were already all stars when they joined Lebron.

      Pippen was a nobody when he joined Jordan.

  15. King Shango Sound says:

    Why nobody roast Magic? He acts like a mad shopper and sells his own young core…

    • Sean Carpenter says:

      Magic is in wayyy over his head. Never been a GM before but constructing a great team requires near perfect execution from now on.

    • QewBeats says:

      +Tivo Kenevil letting those players go was way before Bron. Why can’t you people be objective and admit Magic has handled things poorly too. He could have gotten PG, how did that turn out ?

    • QewBeats says:

      +swag lad LeBron got Chandler there using his connections in Suns

    • wolf says:

      Nigga LeBron got roasted on Twitter all day the other day. Lmaoooooo that’s why he backed out the deal, he saw too many ppl making valid points why the trade offer was garbage ?

    • Ryan Liu says:

      Why nobody roast your peasant shango ass

  16. Yasin Hassenbey says:

    Stop blaming the young guys hold lebron accountable he’s not leading …he’s just praying on another superstar to save him …or blame magic for desperately offering everyone up even after hearing pelicans say they will not do business with them .. if the lakers go empty handed it’s lebrons fault no player wants to be apart of shit like this he’s toxic like KD said let’s be real the young core is good and if lebron played within the system they would all have better numbers but lebron numbers would dip but he clearly doesn’t want to sacrifice that because he’s only for himself

  17. Chris Fernandez says:

    Obviously he regrets it and his teammates feel it. The chemistry on the team is trash

  18. lader baxter says:

    Lebron must hate Tom Brady ..he plays in a different sport and is being compared to MJ

  19. 8040 says:

    lebron realizing that magic johnson the point guard =/= magic johnson the GM

  20. Max Kellerman says:

    Lebron’s environment has always been toxic. KD said it best

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