DOES YOUR FLAG FAIL? Grey Grades The State Flags!

DOES YOUR FLAG FAIL? Grey Grades The State Flags!

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24 Responses

  1. CGP Grey says:

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    So, given increasing uncertainty, plus in the comments the number of scams and bots (particularly sex bots. So many sex bots!) that endlessly flood in, I’m trying an experiment:

    New privilege for all 🐝 Bonnie Bees 🐝:

    As the verified humans that you are, you alone will be able to post in the comment sections of the videos.

    Unfortunately, there is not a way for me to just approve all of you in one go. Instead, there’s a three step process:

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    3. Send me a message through Patreon with your YouTube name and the comment so I can find you.

    Thin I will then be able to approve you as a commenter — afterward all your comments will be automatically approved.

    I’m sorry that this is a bit annoying, and it will take me a long and tedious time to get through everyone, so please be patient. But I hope this will get rid of all the bot/scam comments while also raising the visibility in the comments of all the people who help make the videos happen.

    See you… soon?



  2. Andres Villacres says:

    I’m glad you S tiered our new Utah flag! Our redesign has been a long time coming.

  3. TheMan83554 says:

    I kind of want Grey to do an “after-school group” of the Canadian provincial flags, the State’s cousins meeting up and not wanting to be left out of the fun.

  4. Jess Simpson says:

    As a New Mexican I am glad to hear our flag is appreciated as it seems every one here is mandated to either tattoo themselves with it, or have it as a bumper sticker.

  5. The Lord Of Nothing says:

    Grey’s gonna go New Mexico and Maryland for S tier.

  6. AP says:

    I’d love to see a redesign of WA. Keep the green, stylize a pine tree, maybe some visual acknowledgement that half the state is desert. We have volcanoes! Do something with that. Orcas. Otters. Rattlesnakes. Someone please get to work on this.

    • Matthew C. Snow says:

      The most identifiable but probably not a good idea, I can think is have Mt. Saint Helens with it’s crater top on the flag

    • Sunnybrook1 says:

      This got me thinking what had already been done for it, and the first result was from FlagsForGood, lots of pretty green hills (a bit reminiscent of our evergreen trees) with a dark blue sky and five white 6-pointed stars.

      From the site – “The Design: Since DC took the Washington family crest, I decided to take the flag of George Washington’s military HQ and use that as a base. Then, with a little help from Tiktok, I decided to incorporate a light to dark green gradient that can be found so much in the nature around Washington. The five stars, representing the five active volcanoes in Washington, make a subtle “W” in the sky and the mountains mirror their shape.”

  7. Cloude says:

    I actually cheered when Utah got put in S. I’m so happy they finally changed it.

  8. Wayward Mind says:

    As a Canadian, I’m proud as hell that Grey holds it up as the standard. (pun intended)

  9. Eiryn Hegland says:

    I’ll admit, I had no idea what the Minnesotan flag looked like going into this video and I can’t disagree with Grey’s assessment. Apparently there’ve been several unsuccessful attempts to get it changed in recent years, so we Minnesotan’s still have hope of one day getting a passing grade.

  10. Lucy Tycho says:

    There have been more Grey videos in the last month than are usually in a year. Should I be worried?

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