Dog drives little Boy in car…..Daisy Driving Oliver

Dog drives little Boy in car…..Daisy Driving Oliver

Daisy loves to drive Oliver around in their car. Yes the car is a remote controlled car which I use to accelerate and stop (neither of them can reach the peddles… Haha)… Yes she is really steering it. Hope you enjoy!

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20 Responses

  1. alyssa tails says:

    3 2 1 viral

  2. Hunter Sturlaugson says:

    fucking vertical

  3. zyzbro says:

    Turn your phone sideways.

  4. TheAGCteam says:


  5. guyukki says:

    they’re learning

  6. mikeysclips says:

    Oh shit That was the best! I wonder how many more times I will watch this?

  7. Mainveinfleshcane94 says:

    Not to ruin the fun but, the video is a completely fake the dog does jack
    shit other than just sit there. I know the description says that the car is
    remote controlled to accelerate and stop, but the dog is not steering at
    all. At 0:25 the steering wheel turns clockwise ( to the right ) for the
    dog to pull that off it would either have to move its left paw to the right
    side or use it right paw to pull the steering wheel. Neither of which
    happen throughout the video and the dog’s right paw always stays on the
    windshield. Making the idea that it was steering the kid impossible.

    Cute video, but don’t lie to people about what really going on. A better
    title would be “Cute Boy and his Dog ride in a RC Car”

  8. LAGGY MOO says:

    Clearly the dog isn’t driving…

    It’s someone dressed as a dog driving

  9. Anu Yew says:

    The Dogs are evolving….Humans, watch your backs!!!!

  10. Ms K. Johnson says:

    Who gives a f*@k if the car is remote or not. I see the dog steers a
    certain way and the car goes that way. It’s fun to watch so stop being a
    hater and let people believe what they want too. Very cute video. Cute kid
    and dog. :)

  11. Paul Nesbitt says:

    safety at its finest……..

  12. Kurainova says:

    Looks like the condos my grandma used to live in in Similar Valley. You
    guys don’t happen to live there do you? Adorable video btw!

  13. Kurainova says:

    Simi Valley… Stupid auto correct.

  14. patipati84 says:

    lol so cute!

  15. julio hernandez says:

    i was angry and exhausted as fuck this totally change my mood

  16. renaissancemen1 says:

    Drives better than most women.

  17. zaidenator says:

    No way!

  18. Peter Jackson says:

    Clearly fucking fake. The car is remotely controlled; the dog has his paw
    on the handle which moves whenever the car is turned using remote control.

  19. Papa Tyrone says:

    Video would’ve been more enjoyable without that ugly kid.

  20. NemRaps says: