Dog Meets Snow

Dog Meets Snow

Dog Meets Snow
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20 Responses

  1. Buttercup Wilson says:

    ??? lol

  2. Justin Justin says:

    way too funny ?

  3. nina knox says:

    he was like oh I ain’t got time for this

  4. RattlerX5150 says:

    Dog: Yay, yay, outside, play outside yes!

    (looks at snow) What the ?!

    Dog: Never mind, back to my doggy bed

  5. ACGN NETWORK says:

    he said yeet

  6. Jill701 The Broken says:

    Me deciding to wake up on a Monday.

  7. The Joker says:

    Me about to go to school on a Monday. “I think I’ll just skip it this one
    time.” The next day: “um, I’m going to skip it just once.”

  8. Smart Green Travel Tips says:


  9. Unicorns For Life says:

    I thought he would jump in the snow and just be nothing and there would be
    a big whole in the snow; and it would go viral, and we would have the first
    trend of 2016 and leave behind “deez nuts” and “what are those” behind in
    2015. nope. I was very wrong XD

  10. IIArcavoidII I says:

    dog was like “fuck this shit iam out

  11. Kitty Bufnita says:

    Lol this was hilarious???

  12. EliteCharger12 says: cane someone help me ,i want to go on a date with
    someone(a girl) and i need money, so if you could plz donate that would be

  13. supercross Aragon says:

    never mind ?

  14. Alan Servin says:

    He was like I wanna go out, sees snow feels to cold fuck this shit I’m
    staying in lets go watch Netflix order some pizza bi*#!!!

  15. ChanDalf says:

    Fuck it I’m out, too cold, let’s do the Netflix and eat.

  16. Jack Paul says:

    Dogs like, I’m gonna need a bigger straw.

  17. noangel1087 says:

    so cute

  18. Michael Aiyedun says:

    I wounded how many people think this dog is their spirit animal?

  19. Jason Green says:

    “Fuck that shit”

  20. Caffeinated Nation says:

    The dog’s like, ‘Fuck this shit, I’m outta here!”