Dog Sings “Hello” by Adele

Dog Sings “Hello” by Adele

Buckeye likes to sing so why wouldn’t she love to sing some Adele?
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20 Responses

  1. Teemo says:

    didnt sing the chorus, so garbage.

  2. komischerkauz says:

    that dog is not singing but bagging you to put the music softer. does not
    look happy at all..sorry to disappoint you

  3. Disney Robey says:

    Thank you for watching the video of Buckeye sing. She is a character. We
    had no clue people would actually watch the video.
    Buckeye is a rescue dog, who was going to be put down the next day, so we
    adopted her. She is officially our Support Dog due to our disabilities. She
    has been a life saver. If you have the time and money please go rescue a
    Thought I would just share this link because you never know:
    Paw Print Hearts

    Paw Print Hearts is an organization that takes dogs out of kill shelters in
    Florida and transports them to non-kill states or finds them homes. The
    transports require a lot of money and supplies. The link is for their
    Amazon wish list. If you find it in your heart, please help them. So many
    dogs like Buckeye…..well not exactly like Buckeye; are put down every day
    for no reason. Just wanted to use this platform to help dogs in need.
    Thanks for watching the video!

  4. Harold Hannon says:

    DOGGIES!!!!!!!! I love them! Best animals ever!

  5. Awakened Spirit says:

    Sounds better than Adele too

  6. Mahdyya Chowdhury says:

    I thought he can talk 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. Maria Elena Cabrera says:

    So cute!!!!

  8. dud621 says:

    these kinds of videos scare the shit out of me

  9. paula p says:

    i´m in love :)

  10. mutoni munyambo says:

    This was the cutest video of a dog singing with Adele! I almost cried!

  11. HCW Wrestling says:

    People talk about how sad the song is, I’m just sad that they filmed the
    video vertically

  12. 선강동 says:

    Hi Disney Robey, you know your dog appears in a portal news of latinamerica
    ; in Minuto30 that’s the reason what i’m here x) , hehe anyway, your dog is
    so cute, ^-^

  13. Diego Gutierrez says:

    Beautiful Dog

  14. Mr.Soup says:

    Great Adele look-alike

  15. Macaroni Gaming says:

    lol better than the original!

  16. Ciclopea2 says:

    She nails it.

  17. Narcase says:

    Best cover I’ve seen in all of YouTube.

  18. Jonathan Thomas says:


  19. Island Honda says:

    he does a better job than Adele

  20. Kishan Veka says:

    Voice is better than mine lmao