Dog Sitter’s Awesome Videos of Wilson

Dog Sitter’s Awesome Videos of Wilson

My wife and I hired a dog sitter to watch our dog, Wilson, while we went on a 10 day vacation. These are the daily video updates we are getting…

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20 Responses

  1. boricualink says:

    That’s racist

  2. Chris says:

    QUIT YOUR BULLSHIT, this whole thing was set up to “go viral”, the channel
    name, the instagram account, i’ll bet you any money there was never any dog
    sitter, it’s just op being a fucking phony trying to get on the today show
    or ellen. You let your dog sitter raid your closet and light your
    fireplace? Fat fucking chance.

  3. Matt desu says:

    what a stupid piece of shit dog, didn’t do fuck all this whole video.
    thumbs down.

  4. ChrisDanceMusic says:

    Wilson doesnt give a single f…

  5. Stephanie Howell says:

    That is awesome! :)

  6. CJusticeHappen21 says:

    ‘Every waking moment of my life is a torment that you cannot fathom.’ –
    this mutt right here

  7. Colin Gillis says:

    osama bin wilson

  8. Luznelli Oquendo says:

    Todos los perro son lo mismo gasssss

  9. LindemannAdam says:

    some people have only to much free-time..

  10. Abe S says:

    travel wilson sounded like tracy morgan

  11. Happiness Bunny says:

    So much range

  12. Harry Huckleberry says:

    Fake! If you look closely the dogs mouth doesn’t even move.

  13. Sherman Herritt says:

    This is the stupidest animal video I’ve seen in years.

    Only comparable to the vertical filming of the same video.

  14. brickaholic271 says:

    Wait, why is this going viral?

  15. Ian Mitchell says:

    “Hey, it’s me, Adolf Wilson.” *whispers* “Carry on my Führership, Trump.”

  16. kab4292 says:

    Subscribed….so make more Wilson vids.

  17. POOpStiNkPiE says:

    to me that’s some people who love their dog more than their own kids….

    or even more weird. that dog is their “kid” I hate those people.

    you’re on vacation…. be on vacation

  18. Hoogy King says:

    Would have been way funnier if he recorded horizontally like seriously it’s
    2016 but that was funny.

  19. Matthew Hilliker says:

    Who else read the title as Dog Shitter?

  20. TheMaskMan Gaming und Co says:

    Wy is this on the Top Videos?