Dog Slides Across the Snow

Dog Slides Across the Snow

Dog slides across the snow in a funny way.


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20 Responses

  1. WildRoseCountryGirl says:

    aww, he’s sliding. so cute.

  2. The Golden Pork says:

    Dog is all like: “don’t mind me, just dragging along here” LMAO XD

  3. Miriam Ramos says:

    Cachorro deslizando, ! lindo, lindo. …

  4. cayoshi Angel Garcia says:


  5. madofdad says:

    oh my gosh ha ha ha ha ha!!!! XD

  6. Kimberly Rav says:

    This needs to be on CNN! This was fantastic! This is EPIC and VIRAL

  7. Rotten 5 says:

    Why do dogs do that? Or get very excited when you fall and hurt yourself?

  8. BostonAustin 717 says:


  9. BarrazaAcevedo says:

    hola kyoot

  10. Lil Sokz says:

    LOOOL so cute! the girl and the dog <3

  11. Umer Malik says:

    he’s a snoop dog

  12. Dash Hound12345 says:

    Lol! ” what the heck!”

  13. lancer mitsubishi says:

    Dog steals the spotlight! Very cute! Probably he was thinking…. “Hmmmmm
    too much attention is being given to this miniature human! Let me just
    remind them I can be as cute!!!” LOL.

  14. Emilio Conde says:

    And out of nowhere..

    Tutu dudu

  15. bluesbros30 says:

    ain’t no one doing anything

  16. vleesevlons says:

    I think the dog likes ice on his genitals.

  17. Yolarooz says:

    What a cute dog!


  18. Foxy Robor says:

    watch out watch out off the top rope

    joha cenaaaaaaaaa!!!

  19. daddydojang says:


  20. garrick ho says:

    draggin balls