Dog Trusts His Brother More Than Anyone – Hedgie the Pitbull | The Dodo

Dog Trusts His Brother More Than Anyone – Hedgie the Pitbull | The Dodo

Dog Trusts His Brother More Than Anyone | This shelter dog was so shy around his new family — then he started hanging out with his brother. You can keep up with Hedgie, Mason and all of their adventures on Instagram, hedgiethehedgedog: You can also follow them on Facebook:

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44 Responses

  1. Justin Y. says:

    What a good boi

  2. MattSm00th says:

    This is cute

  3. Rohit roy says:

    So happy to see he is confident and living a good life ❤

  4. 5000 subs With no video! Please help me! says:

    I love animals! Life would be boring without em!😊

  5. Ryan George says:

    Who else loves pitbulls!

  6. Hellooo says:

    No dog is bad dog & this is one awesome pair..They found love & formed a special relationship..Pit bull if brought up well can be forever friends!Good job Dodo & thank you for sharing!💜🙏

  7. Drax Quirnon says:

    Bless all of you!!!

  8. alan wisdom says:

    At the first big problem with pets the vet answer is put him down, do you want I put you down when you are sick? Leave the pets a chance to live !

    • Southern Deplorable says:

      alan wisdom this isn’t the first animal I’ve seen with this condition who also got a special chair. Why euthanize when there’s other options? I’d put a human down before an animal unless that animal is suffering. My Grammy had to put her best buddy down and she didn’t want to but the old girl’s quality of life wasn’t good and she was suffering. You never wanna see your loved ones suffer. It’s amazing all the complex emotions one develops over their pets.

    • Piotr says:

      i dont listen to people in that type of scenario. 90 percent of ppl are stupid

    • Adam L says:

      The reason they say that is because they don’t want the animal to suffer. Life would be really hard if you could walk or eat

  9. Dumke Nadine says:

    Ohhhh that is so very cute

  10. 808steveA. says:

    That’s one awesome friendship between Hedgie and Mason.

  11. Nope Noneurbizzness says:

    always amazes me how deep the loving bond can be between a dog and a person who treats them with love and respect. Mason you put most adults to shame with how you shower your beautiful pet with unconditional love. Well done young man. 😀😀😀😀😀

  12. Melissa Bean says:

    That’s such an awesome couple right there! It seems that they were made for each other. Best wishes to the family!

  13. C0_0KI3 says:

    I hope they live together forever 😭 gosh I’m crying

  14. squashbanana says:

    I’m so happy Mason and Hedgie found one another !

  15. Em S says:

    Awwww what an adorable friendship! Beautiful, heartwarming video, thank you the dodo! Hedgie is so adorable! Mason is so mature and kind to take such good care of Hedgie!

  16. Gary Smith says:

    The Pitbuls breed are the most misunderstood breed of dog on the planet.yet there so loving loyal an they show pure respect if brought up the right way.I’ve got two one is 14 years old an the other is 8 March next year.your dog on the video is absolutely beautiful thanks for sharing your video congratulations.many thanks yours sincerely Gary smith from England United kingdom

    • Mark Morales says:

      Gary Smith Gary Smith I’ve been around many pitbulls I’ve never met one it would make your hair stand up. My buddy has a pit Rocky, a Rottweiler also are the best dogs you can have

    • Gary Smith says:

      Mark Morales I totally agree with you my friend.good night Godbless.

    • 3 sisters And a dog says:

      I agree with you Gary Smith. I have this pit bull at home but every one is afraid of him. All he every wants to do is to lay on there feet.

    • Gary Smith says:

      3 sisters And a dog all your dog’s trying to do is seek atention an trying to play .people are weird lol .I hope you an your dog have a beautiful future together. Many thanks yours sincerely Gary Smith from England united Kingdom

  17. dreas mom says:

    I’m glad I watched this. I had to giggle at the part about him sleeping in bed at night and taking up so much room. my baby girl that passed away last October was only about 10 pounds and she would take up all the room in the bed. she would lies sideways I’d wake up hanging off the side of the bed. I really didn’t mind though because I knew somebody I would miss that. I’m so glad that you found each other.

  18. MsPhillyG says:

    This is sooo beautiful, the love that Mason and Hedgie has is so touching and special.

  19. Nachyra Smith says:

    Aw, Hedgie and Mason are both adorable. 😍

  20. Brucey says:

    *I think someone must be holding onions…😭*

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