Dog Wants to Sleep More

Dog Wants to Sleep More

No matter what his owner did, this adorable pup did not want to get out of bed. He lazily tossed and turned under the blankets as his owner stared at him.

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20 Responses

  1. Debassi says:

    don’t eat the puppy…

  2. madswagg1able says:

    Classic “five more minutes”

  3. Aiden n Rizen's Toy Unboxings says:

    Aawwwww that dog is so cute with its pink polka dot blacket.

  4. Todd Everybody says:

    can i eat it?

  5. kyrieMC_2 says:

    when your parents wake you up early for school

  6. EpicMILFTime says:

    That drama seems interesting, which one is it?

  7. ÑiaTheÕptimist says:


  8. Flower Love says:


  9. John Brda says:

    Fuck you guys im going back to bed

  10. Jesse Singh says:


  11. Tyrone franson says:


  12. Nadeen Shehadeh says:

    Aw a corgi ??

  13. Rampant Obesity says:

    could you please turn that shit down?

  14. Jing Shang says:

    Corgi is the cutest

  15. Shalapda says:

    Record sleepy guy: wtf is wrong with you – 13 views

    Record sleepy dog: AAAAYIE OMG YAAAASS SO CUTE – 200,000 views

  16. MichaelSerial says:

    I have been really disappointed in “trends”… Last time I come here!

  17. Cat to the Max says:

    It looks like me when I wake up on monday

  18. Friends Of Red Tom SNC says:

    my channel is the sickest of entertainment channels

  19. Navindu Amarakoon says:

    this is what happens when you stay up on new year’s eve

  20. loc van says:

    Put him on fire?