Dogs enter Howling competition, 5 month old wants to battle.

Dogs enter Howling competition, 5 month old wants to battle.

This is a video of our yellow lab and chocolate lab that constantly get into “howling battles” over who is louder and more ridiculous. They do it so often that our son has decided to join in the war. Enjoy.

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20 Responses

  1. Emily Sullivan says:

    rockin beard, too

  2. thesuperbroski says:


  3. J Bird says:

    vertical videos suck

  4. lee thompson says:

    Got this from Reddit

  5. Mobroz says:

    yo baby got a bald head

  6. JustSomeGuyOk says:

    Bearded men shouldn’t be left alone with infants.

  7. SooperBeez says:

    people still recording this way? for fucking real? 2015 jesus christ, tilt
    your god damn cameras you bunch of fucks.

  8. booba1234 says:

    This is awesome. Great job dad! From the David After Dentist family!

  9. mrbasilman says:

    Howl little Man…..

  10. alero2010 says:

    Too cute.

  11. Lang Dingdang says:

    i will howl too if you fim me vertical!

  12. Niggro Hitlerius says:

    one of the reasons im never getting a dog

  13. Jesse Karella says:

    I think your kid was supposed to be raised by wolves.

  14. Stan Marris says:

    Labs are wonderful dogs in so many ways. They even teach the hyoomin’s
    puppy to howl.

  15. Lauren B says:

    My baby cousin is so CUTE<3

  16. UsednAbuzed says:

    Cutest thing I have seen this week!

  17. Alethea Totty says:

    Just goes to prove that humans and dogs are really the same species after
    all. Remember, eating meat is murder!

    -Alethea Totty
    Practitioner of Alternative Medicine and Pet Whisperer

  18. debilka2 says:

    so adorable

  19. Obi- Juan Kentucky says:

    Well I smell a new reality T.V show. TLC Here’s one for you.

  20. Bijou says:

    I love how the baby gets in on it