from CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST: The Estate Sale, out 3/31:

a collection of songs that didnt make the original album

directed by TYLER OKONMA
production: TARA RAZAVI for Happy Place

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43 Responses

  1. HipHopDX says:

    Tyler the Creator deserves more credit for being one of the best rappers alive

  2. imahotitalian says:

    doesn’t matter if it just came out, this song never gets old.

  3. Chef LeMondz says:

    I was sad the whole day today, until i went on Spotify to check my new releases. all my problems are gone. mental health is stable. thank you, Tyler.

  4. Pemsi says:

    Tyler is getting progressively more straight every album

  5. Gustavo Fring says:

    every tyler song has such an angelic beat

  6. PsyKwol says:

    can always count on tyler releasing a chill, laid back, banger

  7. Korbi says:

    Tyler never misses when it comes to making a classic song and music video. This is art

  8. Hinga Wuya says:

    One of the greatest artist of this generation.

  9. LucasAllTheWay says:

    Everytime I listen to a new song by him, it gives me that same feeling I had when I first found him.

    True Happiness

  10. Sav Chrižźż says:

    This song is going to hit this summer!🔥🔥

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