Doing laundry with hydraulic press and liquid nitrogen

Doing laundry with hydraulic press and liquid nitrogen

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laundry vs. our press
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Do not try this at home!! or at any where else!!

Music Thor’s Hammer-Ethan Meixell

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20 Responses

  1. Gamacios says:

    This video is just one giant advertisement

  2. Squal1dFanat1c says:

    You should make one video only speaking finnish. It would be cool.

  3. ☞I’m-Theodore says:

    Test à big mac from mcdo !

  4. ERIC HÜI says:

    Cracks me up every time whenever you say “we must deal with it” and both of
    your laughs!! lmao So contagious!

  5. Roger Wilson 456 Play says:

    can of soda

  6. MR.A SKILL says:

    Hey, please take a look and suscribe to my channel

  7. Lidiot Lee says:

    should have crushed the shirt

  8. Joel P says:


  9. NoobIsrael says:

    This accent

  10. Worldwide Darts says:

    I’m hoping every video is monetized. You guys should be doing alright.
    Awesome channel!

  11. Ryses FTW says:

    Press a big magnet

  12. bonesmuscleandblood says:

    I love the shirts designs who else is buying?

  13. Tom Reese says:

    *BEST T-SHIRT AD EVER!* (I’m serious, you can advertise anything with the
    awesome crushing power of the Hydraulic Press!)

  14. RebelRedeye says:

    You isited the shirt factory yourself? You should have made a video about
    that too!

  15. Dorito Addict says:

    Crush a Ps4

  16. Mark Smith says:

    This guys accent is lit

  17. fK Odin says:

    Do a stack of paper please !

  18. Dontario Hodges says:

    We saw his face

  19. Hannah Mann says:

    IDEA ?try and squish a water balloon ? idk if u already have done ? but
    yah know xxxx

  20. Admin Vaas says:

    “Every shirt is quality tested and packaged into the box by a hydraulic