Doja Cat answers the hard – hitting questions YTP

Doja Cat answers the hard – hitting questions YTP

New Album “Scarlet” Out Now //

Doja Cat / Amala Dlamini
Scarlet / Amala Dlamini

Director / Jamal Peters, Amala Dlamini
Assistant Director / Tay Thai
Producer / Brea Lougheed. Les Krone

Director of Photography / Tim Toda
1st Assistant Camera / Philip Hoang
2nd Assistant Camera / Raquel Wajner
DIT / Chaz Smedley
Sound Mixer / Gabe Garcia
Sound Utility / Naomi Sanyaolu
VFX Supervisor / Jo Murayama
Transcriber / Ahlyzik Monroe

Chief Lighting Technician / Ben Bowen
Assistant Chief Lighting Tech. Andrew Choe
Set Lighting Tech / Vince Urquieta
Key Grip / Charles Tae
Best Boy Grip / Steven Miller
Grip / Luis Rubio

Production Designer / Alex Lepkowski
Art Director / Iggy Soliven
Set Decorator / Lacy Lahn
Leadman / Shay Turner
Carpenter / Giovanni Bijou

Production Assistant / Adam Berni, Jaylen Jones

Body Double / Amanya Maloba

Wardrobe Stylist / Brett Alan Nelson
Stylist Assistant / Tumas Zarskus, Alyssa Lomeli

Tailor / Tia Usher
Hair Stylist / Jared Henderson
Makeup Artist / Ernesto Casillas
SFX Makeup Artist / Malina Stearns
Asst. SFX Makeup Artist / Sasha Glasser
Nail Artist / Saccia Livingston

Editor/Sound Design / MuchDank
Assistant Editor / Chaz Smedley
VFX Artist / Jo Murayama
Colorist / Bryan Smaller – Company3

Jasper Seven Productions

Director: @jamal.peters @dojacat
Assistant Director: @taythai_
Producers: @brealougheed @thelesyouknow

Director of Photography: @tim_toda
1st Assistant Camera: @philiphoangx
2nd Assistant Camera: @raquelwajner
DIT: @editedbychaz @eddystreetpost
Sound Mixer: @gabe_does_sound
Sound Utility: @gtmnay
VFX Supervisor: @jomurayama
Transcriber: Ahlyzik Monroe

Chief Lighting Technician: @thebowenimage
Assistant Chief Lighting Tech: @choesif
Set Lighting Tech: @vince.u
Key Grip: @charles_tae_
Best Boy Grip: Steven Miller
Grip: @luis_18_19

Production Designer: @alexlepkowski
Art Director: @ouget
Set Decorator: @lacey.sera
Leadman: @Shay_Almighty
Carpenter: @creolegio

Production Assistants: @_bernzzz @alsoknownas.jj

Body Double: @cosmicmermom

Wardrobe Stylist: @brettalannelson
Stylist Assistants: @tumas_zarskus @ascendinglibra
Tailor: @eyanatia
Hair Stylist: @jstayready_
Makeup Artist: @ernestocasillas
SFX Makeup Artist: @Worshipmina
Asst. SFX Makeup Artist: @sashaglasser
Nail Artist: @sacciadidthat

Editor/Sound Design: @muchdankofficial
Assistant Editor: @editedbychaz @eddystreetpost
VFX Artist: @jomurayama
Colorist: @bryansmaller @company_3

Jasper Seven Productions: @jasper_seven

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41 Responses

  1. Trรฉ Melvin says:

    god ur so iconic

  2. Vinatage M says:

    Doja is a genius. This is basically commentary on how sheโ€™s misconstrued (the editing of her answers) and how people donโ€™t interact with her when she acting genuine(when scarlet ignores her answer at the end) People donโ€™t see past the surface level of what an artist is doing. When they are authentic they get ignored. When they act crazy people canโ€™t wait to give attention.

  3. tiff. ๐Ÿ’• says:

    Doja answering the questions while Scarlet is getting pampered is so damn funny ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  4. Ary says:

    loved how she gave credits for scarlet and doja as “amala dlamini” as if all these years the different eras of doja are actually different characters played by amala. SHE IS A GENUIS FOR THIS SKIT so well played! the way she used it in a smart and funny way to answer all the trolls is freaking AMAZING. LOVE HER.

  5. Heurisim says:

    dojas so smart the cuts when amala answers and is different words being thrown together and visually edited just shows how the public really takes her words and throws them in all sorts of contexts and make her seem like something sheโ€™s not

  6. [๐–›๐–Ž๐–—๐–™๐–š๐–†๐–‘_๐–›๐–๐–’๐–•๐–ž๐–—] says:

    dude, i knew she loved YTPs as much as the rest of us. this is pure comedy genius and gold

  7. Oversimplified Productions says:

    This is hilarious, please get your own talk show on like an adult swim or FX. Youโ€™d break records.

    • Dont go to my page says:

      Itโ€™s finally completed:

    • Rebecca MacDonald says:

      I would love doja asking all the info we really want to know

    • The_Solar_Abyss says:

      This is one of the things i like about doja cause she takes nothing seriously

    • Jarnell Bentley says:

      She need to do more roles in general I liked her on Dave

    • Lisa Robinson says:

      I disagree, as there’s nothing hilarious about the interview. Degradation of Christianity and those that disagree with her ideas while attempting to excuse her beliefs by saying she’s joking… And clearly she comes across sacrilegious. The entire visual and verbal exchange between the two is desecration in plain sight. And, they have the audacity to wear cross jewelry; and so we all know what that symbol represents. Apparently she is disrespecting Jesus Christ’s crucifixion as she says she’s giving a shout shout out to Satan; God’s adversary, with impunity. In her latest song she says she’s a ‘she devil’. So it appears she’s living up to her own words… Pray for her soul because it’s lost to the world to an extreme. I find the interview to be disturbing, indeed.

  8. Speakz says:

    This entire video feels like those dreams you can’t explain or understand why you have them

  9. Nelly Williams says:

    Anyone else noticed how Scarlet pays more attention to the outta pocket answers vs when Doja gives more serious answers (i.e laughing at her, getting hair a makeup fixed)

    • Miss Lucy says:

      I think it’s a play on how the internet freaks out when Doja is messing around or purposely playing into things for shock value, but they ignore her when she’s actually being serious or down to earth.

      People choose to view her as “demonic” or “crazy”, rather then just that she’s expressing herself and having fun.

    • Chrisss2024 says:

      @Miss Lucy I actually agree because in the end after the “big questions” are answered, Scarlet leaves while Doja continues talking about herself to “no one” in the interview which does show how people only want to hear what THEY want to hear, but leave when they’re done.

    • Kimo Rayn says:

      I kinda took that Laugh at the Music one as Scarlet representing Doja’s inner self doubt that people won’t like her music no matter how famous she is (which is probably an authentic emotion by itself). Genius.

    • Cin says:

      @Miss Lucy ngl i used to think she was being ”demonic” for clout but i just cant defend it anymore like its not cute.. ๐Ÿ’€

    • NoPressureNodiamonds says:

      I did

  10. Onlime says:

    I hope we get more of this content. It gives her real early days vibes, I’m glad she still has this sense of humor even after getting “mainstream” famous.

    • Floral Subliminals says:

      She didnโ€™t let peopleโ€™s expectations take away her authenticity. One of the rawest people Iโ€™ve seen

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