Doja Cat – Like That (Official Video) ft. Gucci Mane

Doja Cat – Like That (Official Video) ft. Gucci Mane

Hot Pink out now!

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91 Responses

  1. Meghan says:

    if you’re someone who’s still trying to “cancel” her, just cancel yourself from her. idk why y’all “try” when its easy to unfollow her.

    • s e r i a h says:

      right bc the shit is just unnecessary at this point

    • Yashirou Nene says:

      Facts! And the fact that people are still going after the drama was proven false is stupid. Why were people going through her personal life like that anyway?

    • x.cele says:

      Yashirou Nene right?? people’s evidence is twitter like gtfo you sound stupid 😂🤦🏽‍♀️

    • b r x k e n r o s e s says:

      Cancel culture isn’t something I condone but.. 😬 Doja has apologised but personally I don’t believe it, Say for instance if she was never called out on her actions most likely she would still be on those racist chat rooms, tweeting anti black messages on twitter (not to mention that she classifies herself as a “Black woman”) I’m only an eleven year old child I’m not exactly lightskin or darkskin (the way my skin appears is not a focus of my mind) but to see someone I USED to look up to and inspired me to get into music, change my taste, and try to create music SUPPORTING White Supremacy is absolutely disgusting and damaging to many women and possibly men in the Black community I don’t think she realises how much she Has hurt past fans like myself and lets us down I have lost all respect for doja and will continue to talk about issues of colorisim and racism in our modern society. Not 100% sure if both of her parents are black or if she’s mixed? But if she is mixed she has the opportunity to use something called “Mixed Privilege” Where she constantly claims her White side and only claims her black side to use a word such as a popularised term in the community of black people “Nigga” She uses it in her music (one of the places I hear it most) We need a sincere apology and EXTREMELY clear clarification on why and what lead her to do these things

  2. Rory Mc says:

    Her moving her EYES to the beat is really satisfying

  3. James d says:

    She looks like a completely different human being every time I see her

  4. Pigeon says:

    A fan: So how many wadrobe styles do you have

    Doja Cat: *Yes*

  5. Gabby Sapeg says:

    “Cancelled “ but yet here yah are, and she’s #2 on trending 🥴😂😂

    • KayyMorrr KayyMorrr says:

      @stream feel special she literally was saying hiw black people are disgusting & she was in chat rooms with white supremacists. A lot of it was deleted by her people.

    • bigmdog13 says:

      @Blake Tomczak guilty by association

    • RookieAssassin says:

      @lil aghv “I think” lmao this is literally everyone who called her racist. When there’s no evidence, it’s suddenly “..I think..” while before you were all soo damn sure about yourselves cause you know..someone on the internet said it so it’s true, right? She seems like a cool person but I can’t be sure cause I don’t know her. Saying she’s racist for no reason is fucked up. How would you feel if people called you racist and everyone believed them? That’s an awful situation to be in and it’s just cause of some rumors.. People really don’t get that the baseless rumors you post online could ruin someone’s life.

    • RookieAssassin says:

      @KayyMorrr KayyMorrr Lol do you have proof? No. Or wait, are you gonna start making fake tweets now as well so you won’t look like a fool?

    • Precious Casaz says:

      Codename.Nobody cancel culture is one of the most humiliating cultures that has existed during this generation. Honestly this whole generation is like a comedy it’s disappointing👍🏼

  6. Skin Skin says:

    I love her outfit I feel like it’s kinda a tlc no scrubs kind

  7. Stalker 83 says:

    So we’re not gonna talk about how her outfit looks like James Charles Coachella outfit

  8. Varonica Diaz says:

    Looks like an outfit James Charles would wear 😂😂😂😂

  9. Llama Bellz says:

    How she “canceled” but this is #1 on trending

    • Charlidumbelio says:

      It’s actually 8 on trending.

    • UniquelyDifferent says:

      @Charlidumbelio it’s showing as #1 on my phone

    • RookieAssassin says:

      @Yashirou Nene Yeah but how is Doja’s situation even close to Tekashi’s situation tho? One just got a baseless rumor going around teenage twitter warriors (who apologized btw lol I know it’s dumb) and the other actually was arrested for several awful things. It’s obvious Tekashi doesn’t deserve the support but Doja? It’s called innocent until proven guilty right? Well I’m still waiting on that proof.. Until then, I’m gonna keep listening to her music, I see literally no reason not to. Tekashi is just trash tho, I always thought it but it’s actually a fact now so 🗑🏌🏻‍♀️ byee 69

    • James Yadao says:

      @MicahEssenceMakeup Not just White***** people

    • IIVenne_ says:

      shes not cancelled please, do your research on this , doe

  10. Ayanda Mthethwa says:

    2020: Talent is winning

  11. Shavez A says:

    Funny how she trending! But y’all cancelled her month ago

  12. UFO DRAMA says:

    You can’t cancel Doja. She’s too thicc to fail.

  13. Vicki B says:

    Did anyone see her live when people kept commenting “wE AiNt FoRgEt” and she was like good don’t forget , I’ll remind you cos I’m here to stay 🤣🤣🤣 what a Queen, if you see folks that are still trying to cancel her you know they’re just toxic and vile people to their absolute core 😂 in their eyes no one is capable of change and well that’s a them problem lol

  14. Ak girl says:

    Me: watches this with my 9yo sister
    Her: Is this the new version of the winks club???

  15. Jay Alco says:

    No one gonna talk about how this studio didnt credit the artist who created the animated sequences in this video? In only THREE days? Animation is HARD. The talented animator is Curie Lu. Show them credit where it’s due.

    • Kihroudy says:

      And she did it herself?

    • Jay Alco says:

      Yeeticus Feeticus it shows how common it is for ppl to not receive proper credit

    • Kihroudy says:

      @Kareem Reddick Bruh animators barely get paid and she probably did this herself, you try animating and see how hard it is.

    • Dani Daye says:

      To be clear, Doja and her team have nothing to do with this. The music video company, psycho films, are the ones she had an agreement with. Doja’s team has probably never even heard of her cause they only hired the company to do the visuals and in turn the company hired Curie Lu as an animator so she’s a third party. Btw, Curie Lu got paid but she claims she wasn’t credited. If there was no contract stating that she would be, then she needs to smarten up. Cost of doing business…

    • Jay Jay says:

      @Kareem Reddick as an animator credit matters a lot. Especially with someone as big as Doja cat putting credit where credit is due can make poeple who are interested in hiring them a lot easier to know who they are and contact them. Animating is not a stable job, you’re not guaranteed hours or another project once one is done. So having credit to get seen so you can get hired for another job is EXTREMELY important.

  16. Doja's fan says:

    Everyone:she’s cancelled
    Doja: hold my star sceptre

  17. Shawn Ofurhie says:

    She forever cool in my book cause of that split and the blazing fire

  18. Aldridge517 says:

    Doja is the whole package. I’m trying to pay attention to her body, but keep getting distracted by the bass. Fire.

  19. Joel Cruz says:

    No body:

    Doja: Split on these haters!

  20. Haian Nguyen says:

    Credit the animator. Her name is Curie Lu, she was given THREE days to storyboard and rough animate all animated scenes in this video. Give her credits!

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