Doja Cat – Say So ft. Nicki Minaj (Dance Visual)

Doja Cat – Say So ft. Nicki Minaj (Dance Visual)

Say So (Remix) out now:

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A @Fullout Cortland Production

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62 Responses

  1. Osiris Hilfiggh says:

    Imagine being Doja and Megan right now having Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé do a remix with you.

  2. Nathan P says:

    Nicki: Used to be bi, but now I’m just hetero,

    Before and after coming out: Used to be bi, but now I’m just gay.

  3. Osiris Hilfiggh says:

    When Nicki said “Everytime I take a break the game be so boring” I felt that.

  4. Robb Løwē says:

    Nicki: I Got Dress Just To Sit In The House.

    Me: Half Naked Eating Snack Cakes.. Me Too Queen. 🥴😭

  5. S H A D I says:

    I really really don’t want nicki to retire. Like I really don’t.

  6. 뽀로로 says:

    nicki’s just an amazing lyricist, her rap never gets bored

  7. Faith says:

    This remix goes HARD. I can’t stop playing it!! The instagram comments on Doja’s page about this remix are SO MEAN!! Everyone needs to chill and just enjoy this bomb ass music! I love how Nicki put her own twist on it with a beat change. Love Doja too !! 🦄💞🔥

  8. Jorrilicious ' says:

    yasss i’m living for Nicki’s singing part

  9. jasminetara says:

    producers: how much pink do you want?
    doja and nicki: *yes*

    • john Paul Hit says:

      noone produce this this video has no budget. this only fan made and isso dope nicki have post this

  10. Dlolo Kid says:

    So what we’re gonna do is ignore the fact at 0:41 Nicki is downward dog….on a surgery bed 💉🩺

  11. Dev Kumar says:


    Nicki: dough jaaa

  12. isaacR198 says:

    Nicki said “Everytime I take a break the game be so boring”
    nicki verses art

  13. TVFoxboogie says:

    “Spitting like Weezy, FOXY 🦊 plus Lauryn 👑 “
    OKKK Nicki we see you queen 🔥

  14. G. H says:


  15. George Pap. says:

    What’s better than Say so with Doja Cat?

    Say so with Doja Cat and Nicki Minaj

  16. jayden koff says:

    why did the dancers hit so hard thooo, they said “tik tok dance who?”

  17. Asthetixx Pįãnppłę says:

    “I got dressed just to sit in the house”

    Your not the only one believe me Queen 😂😭

  18. Bompe Arom says:

    Who start to dance when the beat “Everytime I take the break the game was so boring”. Actually me.

  19. badboy_ Jay Real says:

    Nicki: I get dress just to
    Sit in the house..

    Corona: whhheewww chiilleee😂😂😂😂

  20. whatsgood says:


    • Moderátor says:

      @whatsgood But it’s not a music video, audios and lyrics videos barely has hundreds of millions views.

    • whatsgood says:

      @Moderátor just compare Savage Remix and Say So Remix… There just audio and here lyric video: 10 and 2 millions. Barbz, stream and stream!!!!!!!!!!

    • Moderátor says:

      @Mystic Artist I’m refreshing the page every 1-2 hours and sometimes they’re literally the same like before. + Youtube always freeze the views when a new song come out, not just for Nicki.

    • Moderátor says:

      @whatsgood Yeah, the savage remix is more successful than the say so remix.

    • Moderátor says:

      @whatsgood I never said that the views are so good, I said that youtube freeze the views and delete some. Savage remix has more views, but that remix was uploaded more than 2 days earlier, anyway savage remix is more successful than this.

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