Doja Cat – Say So (LIVE at the 63rd GRAMMYs)

Doja Cat – Say So (LIVE at the 63rd GRAMMYs)

Doja Cat // “Say So” (LIVE at the 63rd GRAMMYs)
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75 Responses

  1. twicecis says:

    this performance was FIRE

  2. twicecis says:

    why didn’t they let her perform streets rules or smth she has performed say so 10000 times 😭

  3. twicecis says:

    DAMNNN HER VOCALS as nicki once said ‘i just hit an ariana grande note bitch’

  4. LivingOnMyOwn says:

    doja is the whole package: singer, dancer, performer, director, a cat, a cow & a reptilian

  5. donathot purr says:

    “she’s got a point, she’s a legend, she’s an icon and she is the moment, now come on now!”

  6. Gizem Erkan says:

    People have to realize that she’s AN ARTIST. Every artist has their way of performing a song! This was amazing. This woman knows how to perform, has the moves, has the vocals and has the beauty. Y’all just tryna find something to hate on at this point 🗣🤌🏼

  7. 1Hr Trend says:

    Hi Queen 👸 🥰

  8. Wwaveve Music says:

    like her or not you can’t deny that Doja has become a SERIOUS performer

  9. karim abi zeid says:

    she performed this song in every genre and she still didn’t win a grammy…

  10. 헝그리 크랩 HUNGRY CRAB says:

    im upset that she didnt get grammy that night

  11. Myss angelA says:

    When this stupid pandemic is over I am willing to fly to mf america just to attend a doja’s concert

  12. Vijay says:

    The fact that her vocal is still stable after the hard choreography , *QUEEN* .

  13. Persephone The Queen of Underworld says:

    How many versions do you want?
    Doja: YES

  14. Allan Tj says:

    Doja is definitely the princess. She has a lot more to offer than the other new rap girls. I wish her the best.

  15. Helen ofTroy says:

    Doja would make a great cat woman, I mean that leap in the beginning was giving me that vibe and I have a feeling with some acting classes she can pull it off, with her work ethic and talent she can do just about anything she puts her mind to. I appreciate that she actually used her mic and didn’t seem winded after all that choreography, it takes a lot of work that we probably don’t even realize to be able to pull that off.

  16. Mahi Momo says:

    To all saying “Why not Streets”, Grammys don’t fuxking deserve Streets. I hope Doja keeps milking the popularity of Streets and people pay for her concerts to watch her do the Red Silhouette transition. She deserves to earn more than a dummy Grammy award.

  17. Señoritas Top's says:

    the best thing that left the event

  18. PSHOW says:

    Can someone please explain to me why she did not get a Grammy? I’m a new fan but she is absolutely amazing

  19. teddy says:

    doja is the whole package. she’s constantly elevating herself as an entertainer. its so refreshing to see this kind of talent in the industry.

  20. Skyebunny777 says:

    love the costumes and her voice

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