DOJA CAT & SZA Win Best Pop Duo Performance For “KISS ME MORE” | 2022 GRAMMYs Acceptance Speech

DOJA CAT & SZA Win Best Pop Duo Performance For “KISS ME MORE” | 2022 GRAMMYs Acceptance Speech

Watch DOJA CAT & SZA’s acceptance speech for Best Pop Duo Performance for “KISS ME MORE” at the 2022 GRAMMYs.

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26 Responses

  1. Jzon Azari says:

    Doja deserves it because the way she’s reinvented the way music is done today with Planet Her is phenomenal and SZA we are ready for that new music. Congrats ladies!!

    • Leo says:

      @ari they apologised but go off bestie

    • BTS INDIAN LOVER says:

      @Smooth like butter ,blackpink haters in the gutter yes she deserve it but bts also hard worked💜💜
      I purple💜💜you

    • Clara Haugland says:

      @OB Dude, Kpop artists also create new styles. If you listen to Kpop from early 90’s and now of course there’s a difference. But the entire world is just fed up with the American way of doing things. American action movies, for example are the same throughout the years. Same script. You may change the actors, but same look😂
      Nothing new. The world is tired of this!

    • OB says:

      @Clara Haugland Americans don’t keep the same style. Also, you can’t put America into one category. American artists create the songs in the style they want, they don’t shift with everyone else. Unlike in Kpop where all kpop idols shift when there is a new era, concept, style, etc. And you cannot go back to the 2000s or 1990s and say the music sounds just like it does today.

    • Matt B says:

      @LYD OB Grammy trophies are clearly influenced by tik tok which is run by mostly children/teens so IMO Grammys are dead.

  2. Fir. A says:

    Grammys were good for putting Gaga at the front. She gave such a great impression for her kindness

  3. Anwarul Adzizi says:

    Planet Her deserves more awards. The album is very eclectic – from pop, R&B, hip-hop, reggae, u name it.

  4. FrIzCo says:

    About time Doja won a Grammy. It was long overdue. Kudos to both Doja & SZA.

  5. akshay kareem says:

    So we’ll deserved. Honestly kiss me more is probably one of the most recognizable songs this year

  6. Piano Hits! [Pandapiano] says:

    From the breathless in Dojas voice I can already imagine the wet trail she left running in heels while poor sza goes up the stage at snail pace on crutches, this collab is everything 🔥

  7. CrownedYeti says:

    Doja bringing her complete personality up on stage w her is so iconic lmaooo i love how she’s hilarious no matter how many people are watching.

  8. Tara Tarifik says:

    She absolutely deserves it and SZA does too! Both are incredible artists and they looked so gorgeous!!!

  9. Lovely Dime says:

    Lady Gaga is Such a True Queen the love and respect woman shows each other is so beautiful.

    • Mermaidreviews469 says:

      Yes loved this and Gaga is such a nice person she could see she needed help and did the right while looking gorgeous

  10. Harkirat Singh says:

    Can we appreciate lady Gaga for her kindness. She is such a humble human being . And congrats to doja and sza . Well deserved.

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