Dolan Twins Become Emma Chamberlain

Dolan Twins Become Emma Chamberlain

We have this friend Emma and she has a life and we becomed her


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30 Responses

  1. Kaylah Matano says:

    *I loved the “us editing segment” idea that they got from Emma hehe “SPIT IT OUT ETHAN” and “OH YEAH REAL SMART”*

  2. Kaylah Matano says:

    *I definitely want to see Emma become you guys for day!!!!*

  3. Noah Noèlle says:

    Emma:You also have a splinter in your ear
    Ethan:Bite it of

  4. Bryanna’s boring life says:

    Emma: I just wanna bully Ethan today, how about you?

    Grayson: *obvioulsy guilty* ….yeah

  5. Janavi Balaji says:

    Emma really out there living her best life ?. Seriously tho their friendship is amazing!!
    Random but…E’s eyes look so pretty at 17:34

  6. CA MS says:

    10:04 “No you’re better, I just want you to come go soulcycle with me”

    i just died

  7. Ivory Winter says:

    Emma: “I just wanna bully Ethan today ”


  8. Bob Ross says:

    Yassssss I’m so happy I love them all and I was not expecting Emma and the Dolan twins again.

  9. Harry Bailey says:

    All Emma does is exercise, drink coffee, nap and edit so we’re basically the same person lmao ?

  10. Harshita Pathania says:

    Emma : Ethan you should come more often with me ( for cycling )
    Ethan : ik you just want me to be with you every time
    Grayson : ???

  11. Daneeka Zlatovich says:

    Ethan to Emma: I wore leggings for you!


  12. lyricsgirl66 says:

    Them: we‘re ALL back

    Me: wait

    James charles: *quaking*

  13. Veronica Atsbeha says:

    Gray Ethan Emma: This video looks so good
    James:Wait what about me I am Sister Sad

  14. Jonne says:

    i had burp
    i made burp

    -Emma Chamberlain 2019

  15. Haneen Nagy says:

    James their : Grayson bullying emma
    James gone : Emma and Grayson bullying Ethan as a couple ????

  16. laylah adis says:

    Grayson: *drinks coffee*
    No one:
    Litterally not a soul:
    Grayson: this shits messing me up

  17. Annmarie Rowe (Student) says:

    Grayson: “What is even in this energy drink?”
    Grayson: *Looks at label
    Grayson: “It has milk in it.”
    Ethan: *eyes open as wide as anyone’s ever seen.

  18. lifeu says:

    no one:

    not even a single soul:

    ethan: yOu JuSt WaNt mE tO cOme WiTh yOu All tHe tImE

  19. Julia - I love sex :* TAP ON MY PHOTO :* says:

    Emma’s finally old enough to make a video with the Dolan’s again ?

  20. Julia - I love sex :* TAP ON MY PHOTO :* says:

    Emma: you should come with me more

    Ethan: you just want me to come with you more

    Emma: umm yeahhh



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