Dolphin Encounter

Dolphin Encounter

On our recent cruise to the Bahamas, we went on a Dolphin Encounter off an island near Nassau. During a kiss from a dolphin, we could not believe it when the dolphin just kept spitting water back at John. Gotta watch this.

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20 Responses

  1. AmFilms123 says:

    So awesome.

  2. Josh Ghz says:

    Aaww :3 I hope to interact with a dolphin one day…

  3. nathan says:

    This is blatant animal cruelty, just horrifying to watch.

  4. Dave Guy says:

    Looks like Blue Lagoon at Nassau.

  5. kewkabe says:

    The dolphin then went back down and told his friends what stupid creatures
    live above the top, creatures that are easily amused by simply flicking
    water into their face.

  6. AngryLlamaAttack says:

    dolphins really are brilliant creatures. Look how he gives him the kiss and
    then spits at him to get the last laugh in.

  7. diba8 says:

    Wow, I did this years ago at this very same place. Do they still push you
    through the water by your feet?

  8. CouplesVsCouples says:

    surprised the dolphin didnt bite his head off for disrespecting him in
    front of his nigga XD

  9. Alex Smolnikov says:

    Оказывается, людишки умные!

  10. Patrick Moreira says:


  11. Azdav Maia says:

    this video made me want to eat some dolphin meat, fuck- need to hurry up to

  12. don1559 says:

    Yes, this dolphin on this planet to entertain us and make us laugh because
    we are the most important thing ever.(sarcasm)

  13. Kip Kipy Tiny says:


  14. DarthDubby says:

    I guess that old guy was a spitter, not a quitter!

  15. .m. says:

    Yes, yes… Captivity is amusing isn’t it

  16. Дмитрий Абрамов says:

    умная хуйня

  17. Flacid Jack says:

    HAHA! When you learn how dirty dolphin pool water is this video becomes
    even more funny!
    …John lol

  18. YM M says:

    A perfect example of an ignorant old adult that for his entire long life
    still hasn’t understood that the intelligent, sentient dolphin is a victim
    of tourism money. The dolphin does NOT want to play with ugly, stupid,
    uneducated human tourists. It wants to be free in the ocean with its
    family. Fuck you and your ugly mama that raised your sorry ass with utter
    failure. FUCK YOU!!!

  19. Sieg Braun says:

    How come the handler put his hand over the dolphin’s mouth and not John’s?
    That’s discrimination!

  20. Stannis The Mannis Baratheon says:

    He hired the Japanese to kill the dolphin afterwards