Dominik Mysterio and The Judgment Day WALK OUT on Rey Mysterio’s speech: WWE Hall of Fame 2023

Dominik Mysterio and The Judgment Day WALK OUT on Rey Mysterio’s speech: WWE Hall of Fame 2023

Ahead of their WrestleMania showdown, Dominik Mysterio shows his father a new level of disrespect during Rey’s WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2023 induction. Catch WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more. #WWEHOF
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29 Responses

  1. Twiztid Jester says:

    I’ll give Dom credit, it must’ve been hard to keep kayfabe and walk out on his dad’s HoF induction, but he’s fully dedicated to his character and that goes a long way in the business.

    • lotus says:

      @Ogunsakin Tosin bro don’t u know wrestling is just to entertain try hitting steel chair or hammer with full swing on dad that’s called wrestling

    • Robert Turner says:

      Lol I’m glad he did that bec it would of made him look soft way to keep fayba and keep the heel

    • néstor miranda says:

      Ayudar en que wey????? Explícame

    • Subatomic_Glue says:

      Yeah, I am pretty sure I’d probably break down if I had to do this. Not saying it’s wrong or anything. It adds another layer it’s great for the angle everything, but man that’d be tough because I’d be so proud.

    • Marcos Garcia says:

      Yup I agree…

  2. KenDaKingArrives says:

    Giving Dom props here. That had to be so painful and difficult, to stay in character, since he definitely waited his entire life for this day, only to not be able to enjoy it openly like the rest of his family. I’m sure the father/son reunion backstage was intensely emotional.

  3. Jey CB says:

    Big respect to Dominik, it must’ve been hard for him to walk out on his dad’s biggest night, but in reality, he still respects his dad, and stayed in character in the WWE industry.

  4. TIGRE DENTIM says:

    Esse homem marcou minha infância. Parabéns Rey

  5. Norcal Bowhunter says:

    I think it shows Ray’s commitment to wrestling that even during his HOF he still kept the plot going. Sad that he had to do it without his son sitting there or mentioning him, but he showed us how committed he is and why he deserves it.

  6. Sonny Kelevra says:

    Man Rey really is one of the most deserving HOF inductees. He literally changed North American wrestling forever when he was a kid. I still remember the first time I saw him in WCW and begging my friends to watch Nitro just to see him. And I’d seen Guerrero and the other smaller Mexican wrestlers WCW had before Rey came but he was something I’d never seen before. Then he breaks down barriers in WWE going from light heavyweight champion to winning the big one. And he seems to have done everything with total class. Never hear a bad word about him. Never hear of him politicking or causing a fuss about his spot. Everything he got he earned. And now he’s still killing it 25+ years after he debuted and he’s turned his son into a star and he’s probably going to put Dom over on the biggest stage ever. If this is his last match what a way to end it 👏

  7. Lisa Trevor says:

    Todos sabemos que dominik ama a su padre pero el show debe continuar…

    • Francisco Javier Castellano Expósito says:

      @Héctor Güitz Es que si hubiera una ceremonia Dom directamente ni hubiera estado… Él lo hubiera felicitado en Backstage.

    • Héctor Güitz says:

      @Francisco Javier Castellano Expósito hay una rivalidad de por medio. Por eso no pudo hacerlo durante el programa… si hubieran hecho una ceremonia aparte así como antes, no hay duda de que Dom lo felicitaría, abrazaría y hasta quizás lo hubiera inducido al salón de la fama.

    • Francisco Javier Castellano Expósito says:

      @Héctor Güitz En mitad de una rivalidad?? No lo sé

    • Héctor Güitz says:

      Porque tenía que mantener su personaje. A él le hubiera encantado abrazar a su padre y todo, pero estaban en smackdown. Quizás si lo hubieran hecho como antes, como una ceremonia aparte entonces Dom no se hubiera preocupado por el personaje y hubiera hasta inducido a Rey al HoF

    • ☁POPULATION-_-420🌿 says:

      Por que

  8. Niktei says:

    Dom is truely one of the best heels we have right now, and even though we all hate him so much, I am very sure that some of us felt a little bit of a heartbreak watching him leave his fathers HOF induction and speech. This business is rough, not only on your body, but also on your soul, and he really deserves so much credit for this!

  9. Saúl Goodman says:

    Konan dio el mejor discurso de inducción al HOF de la historia. El discurso de Rey también fue uno de los más emocionales e inspiradores que he visto. Sin duda alguna merece estar ahí por tantos momentos memorables que nos regaló. Por último mis respetos para Dom y el Judgement Day por el gran trabajo que hicieron para mantener el story line vivo. Sin duda le espera un gran futuro en este negocio.

  10. Cryptic The Gamer says:

    You can tell dom was holding back tears, he was definitely proud of his dad

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