Donald and Melania Trump Cold Open – SNL

Donald and Melania Trump Cold Open – SNL

Donald Trump (Taran Killam) and his wife, Melania (Cecily Strong), clear up some of the misconceptions about him, like that he hates women and immigrants.

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20 Responses

  1. tonelocrian says:

    his hair is too perfect for the real Trump

  2. Adam Adams says:

    Better impression than Jimmy white-minority-obsessed Fallon’s anyway.

  3. matchbox555 says:

    that face at 2:11 is exactly what he did at the debate

  4. Frank Hernandez says:

    China would be like dats a wall

  5. Here_to_Chew BUBBLEGUMandKickass says:


  6. Andy Hernandez says:

    best Trump impression lmfao

  7. u2tuf says:

    Fallon does him best. This sucks.

  8. Derek Mejia says:

    Darrel Hammond will always be the best Donald trump impersonator on snl

  9. Ominous Owl says:

    TRUMP 2016!!!

  10. Carlos Montiel says:

    this gay hump says bad stuffs about black people and Mexicans

  11. Carlos Montiel says:

    and I’m half black half mexican

  12. Al Wong says:

    86 Republican rednecks who love guns and hate gays lol

  13. Jessica says:

    Horrible Trump impersonator and that’s not a slovenia accent, its a
    hispanic accent. Watching SNL these days is like watching a falling star.
    SNL used to be so good.

  14. Lizeth De La Cruz says:

    Donald Trump should go die. he is going to make America wise than it

  15. cpgone says:

    Terrible left wing garbage/

  16. David George says:

    Why are the videos blocked for Iraq? i need to see them :(

  17. MrsHotChocolatet says:

    Hogwart – school of business

  18. Robert na says:


  19. not important says:

    goddamn cecily is so damn pretty

  20. Vermilyea says:

    why does Melania have a mexican accent?? fail