Donald Calling

Donald Calling

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump gives Stephen a call on his Trump phone.

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20 Responses

  1. petboy says:

    This was good.

    Donald Trump will be a good President.

  2. SukhrajB says:

    i wish we could multiply Stephen Colbert and replace the government with

  3. Wendy Hall says:

    This is a comedian on a national, highly rated show? Not exactly brimming
    over with wit is he?

  4. ajttambo says:

    Trump is the only candidate with the balls to call into a show like this. I
    voted for Trump in New Hampshire and I hope he does well in South Carolina.

  5. christian almli says:

    Honestly, Donald Trump’s potty mouth is one of the few aspects of him I
    actually enjoy and encourage.

  6. Jonah says:

    is trying to pretend he didn’t say pussy last week? c’mon. Also “don’t make
    me love you” is such a great line.

  7. sojutime says:

    Rather Trump’s candidness than the BS most candidates spew.

  8. Maria Ortiz says:

    Steven is so funny ?

  9. Righthand Luke says:

    Daunting rights!

  10. Melatina77 says:

    Donald Trump: The Dunning-Kruger Effect, Too Stupid to Realize he is

  11. Aaron Daniel Donaldson says:

    He sounded so tired.

  12. PhantomAct says:

    All these racist scumbags ganging up against Obama because he is Black.
    Fuck off trumphole.

  13. Marc Torres says:

    im european and im
    surprised why Americans make so much fun of him. i wish we had someone such
    as him as a candidate

  14. Francis B says:

    Colbert should have legitimately tried to run as his alter ego. Imagine how
    great these debates would be?!

  15. Mahid .J says:

    (Insert hate comments here)

  16. SmartNinjaGamer says:

    Swearing is the least of his problems and issues

  17. TheZeitergeist3 says:

    Every time he swears he will put a small loan of $1m in the swear-jar.

  18. Synapsenkitzler says:

    don´t host a racist, trump is shit. sanders is hope.

  19. Michael Peterson says:

    Why in the blue hell did he get such raucous applause? I’ll never
    understand the fickle nature of studio audiences.

  20. Masochist4Melons says:

    TRUMP 2016!