Donald Cerrone retires after UFC 276 fight vs. Jim Miller | ESPN MMA

Donald Cerrone retires after UFC 276 fight vs. Jim Miller | ESPN MMA

Donald Cerrone leaves his gloves and cowboy hat in the Octagon before telling Joe Rogan that he is retiring from fighting.

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41 Responses

  1. The-Art-of-Guitar says:

    It must be great to retire knowing you had a great career and that another great career awaits you. Sad to see for me as an MMA fan but I’m very happy for him.

  2. Lil Lagahnavich says:

    never shyed away from being honest that he didn’t enjoy fighting anymore. Has a beautiful family, he’s one of the most popular UFC guys ever….lot to live for. Let the Cowboy ride off into the sunset. He’s earned it

    • Klaidas Kauneckas says:

      Plenty of things for him to do. He can start investing, creating vlogs or even doing podcasts. Im super glad he retired, if he doesn’t love fighting anymore, he should just spend time with his amazing family

    • LISTEN UP! says:

      Oh please.. against Joe loazon cowboy acted like fighting was his lifelong passion. Of course after 6 or so losses you have to face reality. Dana would’ve cut him anyway.

    • Thivanka Samarasinghe says:

      Joe Rogan’s voice cracked when he said “it was an honor being your friend” 🙁 Cerrone is a legend

    • Happy Bee says:

      Yeah I’m really sorry to see him go. He’s had an unbelievable career. I just wish he could have went out on a win. That would have been awesome.

    • 1kwgentil says:

      Well said!! Couldn’t agree more!!

  3. Sports Fan_91 says:

    When Joe said “Are you doing this Donald” & he gave a nod my heart sank. One of few OGs left. What a career. Best of luck to him with his next adventure.

    • Rémy Champagne says:

      I cried seeing that live and still do now while watching this…

      A legend retiring that way by losing… It’s heartbreaking but at least, he did retire on his own terms and still with his health and looking relieved.

    • Paul says:

      @Fisher Steven
      Cowboy was a mean man throughout his entire career? Cowboy literally choked in every important fight and always crumbled when hurt, no heart!

    • Paul says:

      I started watching MMA 15 years ago.
      Cowboy was an average mid card fighter and that’s a fact. You simpletons talking about the Legend Cowboy forget he lost every important fight he ever had and ALWAYS crumbled when hurt, Cowboy was a cowardly lion with the record of the most losses in UFC history. It seemed Cowboy enjoyed walking to the octagon and waving his Cowboy hat around more than actually fighting.

  4. PinStripeDynasty says:

    Sad to see but a well deserved retirement. Best of luck with his family, health and whatever else he chooses to do. Legend.

  5. Michael Brownleader says:

    A legend of mixed martial arts, and has etched his name in the history books. He will definitely be in the HOF for sure. Happy retirement, Cowboy. I hope you find your happiness, whatever that may be.

  6. TheJrMizzGamingLounge says:

    Such an act of class and respect to a great career from Jim. That was awesome. Thank you for everything, Cowboy. Enjoy your retirement! ❤️

    • TheJrMizzGamingLounge says:

      @The Don Italian agreed 100%. Wouldn’t expect any thing less from either them. Overall great people.

    • The Don Italian says:

      Jim Miller is a class act. Him and Cowboy have been doing this for a long time at a high volume.

  7. Nate Marx says:

    Cowboy Cerrone will forever be a true pioneer/legend in this field. I really hope the best for him.

    • lisette says:

      @TikTokery How does the worse fighter beat a former elite champion such as Eddie Alvarez and current champ Charles Oliveira. worse fighter? do your homework casual…

    • TikTokery says:

      The worst mma fighter for sure. What a legend

    • Watchdog says:


      He took fights when others wouldn’t. He’s known for never backing out of a fight and being active.

    • lisette says:

      @PaulDonald has been fighting since 2006 He has faced tough opposition and many quality fighters. The fact that he continued to entertain us for so long at until the age of near 40 is admirable. He has had many amazing performances. Yes he is old and past his prime. What do you think is going to happen when father time and and fight mileage takes a toll on you. give the man some respect.

    • lisette says:

      @Paul He lost 7 in a row

  8. Nick Wuebker says:

    Thank you for everything, Cowboy. You never had a boring fight and we’ll see you in the Hall of Fame.

    • Flying Irishman says:

      @KTV 4U You had a point up until you forced that stupid conspiracy into it, If you think he took those shots intentionally then you’re missing a chromosome and have no credibility.

    • KTV 4U says:

      @Nick Wuebker I’m just saying, he has a lot of wins but on the other hand he has a lot of losses too. He was champ in a small indie place a long time ago that nobody knows about, he was never champ in the UFC ( every fighter that has been inducted was at least a champ or won a UFC tournament in the UFC or another major organization). He isn’t gonna be in the HOF because he was never champ, plain and simple. Lastly, he took a dive against Conor.

    • Nick Wuebker says:

      @KTV 4U Second in finishes and more bonuses than anyone else in UFC history I think more than qualifies him for the UFC Hall of Fame.

    • KTV 4U says:

      He isn’t gonna be in the Hall of Fame any time soon, dude hasn’t done enough to be in there. Dude was never a champ, in UFC or any other place.

  9. ICH says:

    Absolute Killer. Forever Legend. One of the greatest combos I’ve seen ever in an octagon was his against Rick Story.

  10. Sarcasm says:

    Man what a treat it was to see him fight multiple times a year and even make his run at being top 5 at 155. Im glad he got the Conor fight and gets the recognition he deserves. Wish the best for him and his acting career.

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