Donald Cerrone to Conor McGregor: ‘Get a grip on life and let’s go’ | ESPN MMA

Donald Cerrone to Conor McGregor: ‘Get a grip on life and let’s go’ | ESPN MMA

After his win vs. Al Iaquinta on ESPN+, Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone calls out Conor McGregor to fight him in July and jokes that they can do “bank account vs. bank account.” Cerrone details his emotions leading up to the Iaquinta fight, saying that he was “worried about not being worried” heading into tonight. Cerrone gets some company on set with his family showing up including his son (2:24) Dacson Danger, who tries to rip his dad’s headset off.

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87 Responses

  1. Zwergz 112 says:

    Lol, seemed like Donald wasn’t wearing shorts?

  2. Jose Villeda says:

    Donald Daddy cerrone

  3. Jainar Arcilla says:

    Cowboy is number 1 in our hearts

    • Matheus Barbosa says:

      Yeah for sure, Romero sucks he had to weigh more to get adventage in fight and still get his Ass beat for Whittaker twice

    • Moses Barmonyallah says:

      This comment chain is awesome

    • Scott Brazee says:

      And tapout crybaby rapist conor is last shouldn’t even be in ufc for everything he’s done hopefully Ireland puts him away for rape should chop his Dick off and shove it down his own throte

    • Mauricio Acuña says:

      In yours not ours fool Get IT Right ?
      I don’t like cowboy at all

  4. Omar Gutierrez says:

    Dawg! Dad Cerone is on a TEAR!!

  5. uZiiTV says:

    Conor wont do it. He is a punk nowadays.

    • Noble Wolf says:

      Conor hasn’t won a fight in years. Amazing really the support he gets. He loses and his fans loyal. But for how long. Can Conor win again?

    • Labeeb Hassan says:

      +Captain Morgan u fucking idiot can’t u read the article u linked, Irish whiskey sales in total eclipsed 1B, Jameson being #1, proper 12 netted 6 million in the US

    • Captain Morgan says:

      +Watchdog You sir are correct, damn I feel like an idiot. I listened to it on a podcast of them saying how Dana was going on about how Proper 12 will make Conor a billionaire. When I looked it up I didnt read the full article just made the assumption that they made those sales alone. They only did about $40 million in sales. So maybe we will see Conor again?

    • Captain Morgan says:

      +Watchdog also deleted that bogus claim I made. Don’t need to be adding to all the incorrect information that spreads through the comment sections of youtube.

    • Jewish Fro says:

      +kosta1605 so u make 100 mill ur gonna keep getting kicked n the head n almost dying from weight cutting to make less than a 100 mill?

  6. Gwiz says:

    Cowboys son was grabbing the Mic to call out Conor Jr

  7. Zwergz 112 says:

    Was waiting for a point where Michelle Waterson would interrupt with her daughter to say”that’s great you’re a dad and all, but did you know I’m a mom???”

  8. King Of Brazil Colby Chaos Covington says:

    The legend of Cowboy just keeps on growing man

    • Jason Adams says:

      Can’t believe how long I’ve been watching Cowboy. One of my all time favorites.

    • YoelRomeroUfc says:

      +Charles Charlemagne Yoel is much better than Cowboy for people who have never won the belt. Cowboy has gotten destroyed too many times to count.

    • thor odinson says:

      +Jason Adams I know me to, I remember watching him on the tap out show. I remember it like yesterday they came and visited him at the gym then went and watched him fight. That was in 2007…..

    • thor odinson says:

      +YoelRomeroUfc dick rider

    • Charles Charlemagne says:

      +YoelRomeroUfc I’m talking about in terms of accomplishment. Yoel doesn’t have close to the UFC resume that cowboy has.

  9. Cesar Barrantes says:

    soon we will see, cowboy baby wearing the champion belt over that badass poncho!

  10. Naitch says:

    Al is such a savage. You can’t finish the man unless you choke him unconscious. Nice to see prime cowboy back

    • Landon Jackson says:

      +Alexander Die fälschen he just dominated one of the toughest guys I’m the division . Get on board brother . He is maturing , and seems to get better with age . Hope he gets a title fight . He’s just too fun to watch .

    • Real Slim says:

      +James Baron Nobody has done better vs Khabib than Conor did. Conor is the first guy to win a round against him.

    • Real Slim says:

      +A.J. Rusinek Khabib beat him striking.

    • A.J. Rusinek says:

      +Real Slim Very true. But Khabib is a sambo wrestler and won by decision. I’m saying this is the first time Al lost to someone who was primarily a striker.

    • Just Nestor el Demente says:

      Pfff al is a shit fighter

  11. EPSTomcat11 says:

    Cowboy is the best. Humble, and has the damn records.

  12. Sin Sin says:

    Danger Cerrone Vs Connor Jr: UFC 425. Make sure to make it happen Dana if u r still around.

  13. Lake Cooper says:

    Go Cowboy… What a lovely, beautiful family ♡♡♡

  14. real love says:

    I really hope that Conor and Cowboy fight happen cause my man Donald deserves it.

  15. Xavier Pegasus says:

    Al is one tough guy. Hats off to him. He took a beating and never once showed weakness

  16. Grant Beeson says:

    Ya know what I had a shit day at work. Was nervous about hearing this outcome, I love cowboy. I like Al, but wanted cowboy to win but I was admittedly nervous. And cowboy whoops this guy, and overly uplifted my attitude of the day I’m so happy. Great to hear.

    • MrSkunix says:

      Working on the weekends.. feels bad man

    • bobby knockles says:

      Willis I’m on the same boat, I wasn’t too amped about that fight because I thought Conor would beat him and it wouldn’t prove much in the title discussion. But after this fight, yeah for sure cowboy has a very high chance now. Overall I think Conor’s striking will be a more interesting match up than al Iaquinta due to his (usually) in and out movement. Al has standard overall good fundamentals in boxing, but misses something unique or unorthodox for cowboy to solve. The kicks of cowboy will decide everything, it’ll be a first seeing someone heavily target Conor with the leg kick strategy, if Conor isn’t able to blitz him in the first couple rounds, then he’ll get picked a part and possibly finished via some headkick. He’ll have to drill catching those kicks like Masvidal and capitalise.

    • MonkGoneGamer says:

      Do you clean toilets Sir?

    • Informed Optimist says:

      You should not let your emotions be so affected by victory or loss of another man’s fight.

    • bobby knockles says:

      Informed Optimist I’m passionate about this sport, that’s supposed to be the beauty of competition. It doesn’t mean it keeps me from completing daily routines though.

  17. Ozark Farming says:

    Awesome, just cool to see. Family is where its at. Cowboy is a new man and a new fighter.

  18. Tuna_boat says:

    Cowboy will always impress me. I’ve watched his last 12 fights and he always has me at the edge of my seat. GOAT !

  19. Finn Rater says:

    Dad cerrone now gets added to the list of
    Sea level Cain
    Full camp mendes
    Trt vitor

  20. Markuz07 says:

    No one deserves that red panty night more than this man right now. I think he would finish McGregor too.

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