Donald Glover on Beyoncé, The Lion King & Childish Gambino

Donald Glover on Beyoncé, The Lion King & Childish Gambino

Donald talks about The Lion King, the future of Childish Gambino, writing for “30 Rock,” how he spent all of his TV money, being a terrible RA in college, his son not knowing he plays Simba, and meeting Beyoncé.

Guillermo Becomes Gwen Stefani’s Back Up Dancer

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Donald Glover on Beyoncé, The Lion King & Childish Gambino

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105 Responses

  1. VI says:

    “Nah, this is stress.:.” Such a pro. Love this guy.

  2. Kindell K.A says:

    ‘You are really a method actor’….???

  3. Reuben Lardizabal says:

    Donald awesome outfit. Looks like a real lion.??

  4. Ron Burgundy says:

    All I see is Troy from Community.

    • Carlos Taylor says:

      His life is the movie after 5 seasons

    • C Peezy says:

      Troy and Abed in the morning! *sobs in nostalgia*

    • julioagua says:

      @Marisol Ferreira Simões He was in there almost 5 seasons…

    • Marisol Ferreira Simões says:

      julioagua true… my bad. I tend to only think of the first 3 as the great ones, as when all clicked magically to produce great tv, the fantastic dialogue, the comedic timing, the taking itself too seriously in the funniest of ways, etc … All of what happened after the first episode of season 4 has been discussed ad nauseam and as we all know might have triggered his leaving even when they were trying so hard to make new storylines happen to him. It wasn’t working anymore.

    • Marisol Ferreira Simões says:

      Haytak Haytak better than 4 yes, but personally I’ll take the first 3 and campaign for a movie again ?

  5. Stephen Xo says:

    No!!!!!!!! It’s not over for childish bambino!!! It can’t be and as a fan since Freaks and geeks I refuse to be let down that way.. I’ve waited for another rap album since the pharaoh app bs.

  6. Squicx says:

    Cannot wait to call him prowler one day…

  7. lonniray says:

    *Donald showing up to an interview wearing a lion snuggie will forever be my mood*

  8. Juan Pedro says:

    I expect the same level of commitment from the rest of the cast…

  9. Rozeta Jones says:

    Donald Glover doing a full on interview in a onesie is everything I didn’t know I wanted

    Mannn 2k likes?? Blessed I’m a comedian?? be a G and drop a like on my videos too ?

  10. Maurício Rodrigues says:

    “Why you mufasa?”

  11. Kanye Breast says:

    This interview just told me ATLANTA it’s gonna take a little more time

  12. Osiris Hilfiggh says:

    Jimmy: Was that the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to you on stage?

    Donald: *Looks at his outfit*…you know what, NO


  13. Lissette Calixto says:

    he doesn’t even try to be funny. i love him

    • Toren Johnson says:

      Actually he does..if u know comedy

    • Kairi Froehlich says:

      People in here sating that if you’re being funny you’re trying. My friends say I’m hilarious but I genuinely don’t try. I’m not aware that I’m saying “funny” things when I’m saying them. People just laugh and I have to evaluate what I said to cause that reaction. I think some of his jokes are trying but sometimes he is just talking and gets laughs because he said something funny without knowing.

    • Yung Aut says:

      Go look at my recent video and if you don’t cry then I owe you 20 dollars Via cashapp ?

    • Harry HRC Chahal says:

      It’s dry.

    • Hektor Salakarva says:

      Cause he ain’t..

  14. Hayley S says:

    “Can I be honest? ….like Gushers”

  15. The Oak Park Open Air Open Mic says:

    Press Like if you are ready for Atlanta to come back!!!

  16. DGR 17 says:

    Jimmy: What were you spending your money on?
    Donald: Can I be honest?
    Jimmy: Yeah!
    Childish: Like Gushers..

  17. photoshopknight says:

    Hakuna Matata at a Childish Gambino concert sounds fantastic.

  18. nediajzzz says:

    The animation looks too realistic for it’s own good, just looks like a lion opening its mouth at the right time

    • Nathan Perez says:

      that’s what I’m saying …maybe in the movie they get a close up and have more facial expressions

    • Daisy Fel says:

      nediajzzz yea .. but the facial emotions are not there … I’m a little disappointed but going to see it anyway cause I love the lion king

    • Ambereigh says:

      Alvin F it’s a clip of what they look like and their singing ? What more do you need. It’s not like we don’t know the story.

    • MsLalb says:

      Lol it’s like someone dubbed a song over a David Attenborough documentary ???

    • Emilio Lara Fernández says:

      The original song had a whole orchestration of movement and different scenes. This looks nothing alike, what a waste. The original was perfectly good, WHY DISNEY WHY???

  19. Andrew King says:

    Donald should do more stand up if he wants to, he is so naturally funny

  20. Spicy Carrot says:

    Girl why is you lying, girl why you Mufasa
    Yeah, mi casa su casa, got a stripper like Gaza
    Got so high off volcanoes, now the flow is so lava

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