Donald Glover on This is America Music Video

Donald Glover on This is America Music Video

Donald talks about his huge new video for This is America, and reveals how he feels about the reaction online.

People Apologize to Their Teachers

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Donald Glover on This is America Music Video

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76 Responses

  1. Papi Panda says:

    okay it’s childish gambino homegirl drop it like the nasdaq

  2. Brandon Harrington says:

    Sensitive is just a cover up word for genius

  3. seling97 says:


  4. einstin! says:


  5. hiphopesq says:

    This clip was too short and a little misleading title. I wanted to hear Donald discuss the video. Disappointed.

    • Sherrell says:

      hiphopesq He’s not really saying much about the video anywhere. He wants people to interpret it their own way.

  6. TamaraP says:

    Can i say he’s cute?! Cause he is! He’s so cute 😍😄💕

  7. apokolips says:

    This guy looks like Childish Gambino.

  8. Fan Base says:

    RIP keyboard cat

  9. Girl With Many Faces says:

    Kanye who? Donald Glover is the real genius….

    • Jordan Day says:

      Girl With Many Faces so you think Kanye is less than childish gambino cause he’s a trump supporter? I despise the left but still respect G-Eazy and Eminem as talented artists.

    • Saqib Munir says:

      Kanye west birthed Donald Glover you should pay homage instead u fickle a hole

    • Girl With Many Faces says:

      No I think that Kanye is less than childish gambino because Childish didn’t go on a rampage about how slavery is a choice and calling himself Jesus….. Kanye thinks he’s making waves my talking smack but his just making himself look ignorant.

    • Saqib Munir says:

      +Girl With Many Faces he meant Mental slavery is a state of mind where discerning between liberation and enslavement is twisted. Where one becomes trapped by misinformation about self and the world. So someone can claim to be conscious, they can read all the books they can recycle the popular rhetoric but still be unable to balance real-world priorities and self-interest

    • Saqib Munir says:

      +Girl With Many Faces Mental Slavery is far more sinister than physical slavery because the chains are invisible and are transmitted across generations. If African slavery was only physical, African people would have within one generation been able to skip the plethora of social-economic issues which plague African people globally the second the chains came off.

  10. Adrian Worsham says:

    Shouldn’t they be asking Childish Gambino about the video?

  11. Heavenly Controller says:


  12. IamSuave says:

    I need HIM to break the video down for me. I want it straight from the source!

  13. LARK says:

    Donald Glover dresses like a Wes Anderson movie’s colour palette.

  14. Andrew says:

    *This is America*

  15. nuttyelf21 says:

    This makes me slightly sad now, because for him to say he’s sensitive (which is human) cause if and when he goes back online and reads about how his community he’s been elevating, his own people have been weighing in wayyyyyy too heavily on the fact that he’s with a white woman.
    He rides so hard for black folk, but still they see it as he “isn’t truly black, cause he’s with a white woman” smh being with her shouldn’t effect the cause of what he’s trying to do. Shed light onto situations, the current state of which things are in

    He’s pro black, and even in another interview he specified that he could never see himself with a white woman, so that means he def fell for her, and probably had qualms within himself because she was white. Yet saw past it and went after someone he fell for knowing the repercussions of his choice.

    He’s doing everything right. Everything Kanye has been trying to do he’s doing. I don’t care if I get hate or flack for this, this is simply my opinion and it’s just fact for me.

    (And I guess I should add this since it’s a growing comment now, but I don’t mind if you comment a different view or another fact. I’m always open to discussion, I won’t bash you or insult your intelligence if you have a dif view. I just expect the same in return, also if you don’t agree with something someone else has said below don’t bash them either)

    • Jade C says:

      Jaida Perkins I’m confused. Can he not find people outside of this own race attractive?

    • Birdarrowd1 says:

      Wtf, weird comment.

    • Birdarrowd1 says:

      Also, I don’t know how Donald could be “pro-black” if he only made a music video about being black in America. I haven’t heard anything about him investing in the black community/schools. I find it weird that you’ve decided to bring up this topic on this specific video instead of replying to the black folks disagree with you.

    • Jeremiah Austin says:

      nuttyelf21 right

  16. Joï P says:

    That baby not even that cute😂😂😂😂

  17. Rusty Rune Official says:

    They dont even talk about the title lol

  18. Colin says:

    I tried to change my password to BeefStew01 but they said it wasn’t stroganoff.

  19. Dr. Honey Trap Bih • The Honey Experience • says:

    Clickbait…. 🖕🏽👎🏽

  20. Our Life BTH says:

    I love fine music,

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