Donald Trump and Hugh Hewitt Discuss Foreign Policy

Donald Trump and Hugh Hewitt Discuss Foreign Policy

Hugh Hewitt interview w/ Donald Trump

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20 Responses

  1. Booya Bible says:

    Trump’s skin is so thin it’s amazing he looks so leathery.

  2. Paul Atrady says:

    Trumps no conservative. He’s no liberal either.

    He’s a joke. 

  3. Mike Trump says:

    every other politician would know the question in advance.

    donald has never been in politics, of course he’s not going to know major
    names across the board, that’s why you have a cabinet hello?!.

  4. Chance Feliciano says:

    The effort he put in when he speak compared to other candidates just tells
    you trump is the guy for the job TRUMP2016

  5. John F. Kennedy says:

    This reminds me of the Sarah Palin interview with Katie Couric! 

  6. eddie parra says:

    Not sure if I’m supposed to like or dislike? fuck trump though

  7. joemash69 says:

    I would love to be in Donald’s shoes when asked these irrelevant questions
    or jibes. Because no one is better then I am at replying to stupid chit.
    With Megyn, I would have looked around and then said, Honey, this isn’t fun
    and games Hollywood, this is real Poliwood, so ask me questions that are in
    reality not ‘have fun’ TV. You must read those ‘newspapers’ in the checkout
    lines at the groceries!
    With this guy, I would have told him if I knew I was coming here to take a
    ‘test’ I would have studied, otherwise all I need to know is: Take that
    bastard out, take that son-of-bitch out, and him over there, take that
    mother &%$# out, too! The names are irrelevant. LoLs! That’s why we have
    Sec of Defense, State, CIA, and Joe Biden!

  8. Major Rugburn says:

    listen to the whole interview. in the end Trump crucifies Hugh, that
    pseudo-conservative Jeb tampon :)) TRUMP 2016

  9. lisbeth sanchez says:

    If Donald Trump was elected consider this country “screwed”. Omfg he’s an
    idiot he talks out of his asssssss! -__-

  10. Red Pill Philosophy says:

    The media is doing what it does best: sensationalizing no big deal in order
    to have at least 1 last good viral story before the end of the week.
    Presidents don’t have to know everything: no president ever has, no
    president ever will. This is what advisers are for. The one quality that
    Donald Trump has that no single other candidate thus far has is a backbone.
    Too many spineless cowards who, even if given the torch of leadership,
    simply would not be able to accomplish anything even if they knew
    everything. Bernie Sanders already proved he’ll worship anything black
    people tell him to do. Jeb Bush already proved he’s a slave to his lobbyist
    slave masters. Donald Trump is the only man who has a proven track record
    of asserting himself in the face of resistance and standing true in the
    face of almost unanimous backlash, both in business and in his campaign
    run. This guy will drastically better the country, and I don’t even like
    politics/presidencies on a fundamental level.

  11. Fady Barsoum says:

    Ha, it’s funny. Some Trump supporters are saying that he shouldn’t know
    these things, and others are saying he has concrete plans (Which means that
    he must know these things, otherwise he can’t have any kind of plan). Just
    because he has charisma and is mildly amusing does not make him a good
    present. His lack of knowledge and information on the specifics of
    anything, really, represents that.

  12. Abi Abraham says:

    What will Trump do about gay rights? Racial equality? Prison
    overpopulation? He’s just feeding the conservative wackos what they want to
    hear but will do next to nothing for minorities and the true issues that
    plague the US like crime. Keeping out immigrants is only going to hurt our
    relationship with South American countries.

  13. Rob Gunter (Conejito Blanco Blas) says:

    Any question to T-Rump is a Gotcha question.

  14. Sean Jankowski says:

    99% of people in these comments have no formal knowledge in foreign policy
    lol. It is actually quite hilarious — that is these people and their
    irrational/impractical views influenced by media. Sadly these people are
    also (some) those who support Mr. Trump.

  15. Oskars Zīle says:

    Lol, everyone here who claims to know what is going on in Middle East have
    absolutely no clue. Your peace prize winner has started several wars and
    destabilized countries all over the Middle East for some ‘greater good’
    that nobody even knows what it is. From these wars hundreds of thousands of
    refugees are streaming to Europe and taking it over.

    Obama might know a few names of some leaders in the area but he is
    absolutely helpless to change anything in the arena. At least Trump wants
    to get rid of ISIS and make peace with Russia. And that is already a lot!

  16. Johnny T-bone says:

    Power to the Middle Class. TRUMP 2016

  17. Matt Musky says:

    I feel like 99% of the time Trump speaks he brags about his business

  18. apps smart says:

    David Duke 2016

  19. YTN LLS says:

    Looks like the GOP and its people are all bunch of sissies, girly men,
    bimbos, represented by the biggest bimbo of all, during their Jerry
    Springer “debate”, Megyn Kelly!!

  20. violinsheets says:

    Hewitt is an arrogant asshole. He’s always right in his mind.