Donald Trump Apology Video [OFFICIAL]

Donald Trump Apology Video [OFFICIAL]

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20 Responses

  1. Robby C says:

    What a joke , sounds scripted

  2. Waltham1892 says:


    Trump’s caught admitting to cheating on his wife and sexual assault and
    says he’s going after Hillary Clinton’s sexual history?

    Trump is off message and in the weeds and he hasn’t even taken the stage

    Trump is a sociopath and needs to either step down as the Party’s candidate
    or be removed.

  3. robermeo says:

    He still has the sniffles.

  4. Frank “OurGig” Moten says:

    this guy is a child and the most disgusting one ever.

  5. Chrisaaad says:

    God I can’t wait for the debate sunday. Trump is going to get skewered lmao

  6. Dr Dupe says:

    Bye bye Donny Baby. You’re done. Even most repubs hate your guts.

  7. Ryan Stone says:

    “I will be better.” – every abusive husband ever

  8. Mitchell Smith says:

    absolutely disgusting display of nothing but political gain. A minute 38
    seconds of garbage and 10 seconds of apology. This man is a nuisance

  9. Garrett Doty says:

    “GRAB HER BY THE PUSSY” new campaign slogan?

  10. Donny Mason says:

    Donald is right, if you see a hot girl grab her pussy.

  11. 601salsa says:

    he is reading a script, he tries to dig at the democrates. this is not an
    apology speech. he is not sorry.

  12. goku8621 says:

    If you’re a woman and still support him, what the hell is wrong with you?

  13. Deborah Ann says:

    Thank you for being honest Mr. Trump! You still have my vote!!!

  14. Tibetan says:

    So manufactured. Totally insincere. These are Kellyanne Conway’s words.

  15. Nahum Thupaq Amaru says:

    Trump is a Criminal and a Rapist.

  16. Arturo Garza says:

    Coolest candidate ever! Trump 2016!

  17. Vic rocks says:

    I dont think the majority of Trump-voters changes their vote becuase of
    some video

  18. inyourfacevideos96 says:

    Lol instead of giving a legit apology he starts talking about the Clintons

  19. Shayla Burr says:

    how are you apologizing and still insulting at the same time…Who does

  20. Cam Jo says:

    Never gonna let me down? Sounds like a Rick-Roll to me