Donald Trump audio-animatronic figure at the new Hall of Presidents

Donald Trump audio-animatronic figure at the new Hall of Presidents

Video by The all new Hall of Presidents features a speaking role for Donald Trump.

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87 Responses

  1. MasterBlaster says:


  2. UKfan201010 says:

    Thank you Trump for making hall of presidents great again.

  3. Rob Plays says:

    Do we think the animatronic tie is scotch taped on too?

  4. Niko says:


  5. ANGRYB1RD says:

    Probably the most eloquent thing that Trump has ever said

    • citydoener69 says:

      Jesus, dude, leave your safe space once in a while. That’s literally a recording.

    • darkiller76521 says:

      Faux Mustache yeah because money gets you experience in business school. Not to mention how he talks specifically basic in order for Americans to understand him easier. I’m not saying the man is an eloquent genius in his vocabulary/speaking, but from what I can tell from your comment, your head is so far up your ass that you think you could write a speech for a president yourself. You’re the definition of r/iamverysmart

    • IMWITHME says:

      if you watch more than CNN’s version of TRUMP, you see the man has said and done alot of great things.

    • IMWITHME says:

      well your wrong, thats speech is from his inauguration and acceptance speech. you choose to hear what cnn feed you.

  6. Chris Keating says:

    Is he the only person who has ever looked more normal as an audio animatronic?!

    • Reilly Case says:

      Chris Keating wow you’re ugly. Get laid dude

    • darkiller76521 says:

      Reilly Case can you project any more? Jesus Christ you’re a shit human being

    • Helo Helooo says:

      Trump is a racist white pig. A sunburned redneck who likes to stalk little girls. Youre a pink pig with wrinkles on his white penis. An inbred school shooter who fucked his own mom, his own sister, his own dog. A dirty oily weaboo who cums to anime . The color of your skin is the color of sperm. Youre a manchild who loves rubber dicks. A cunt who likes to be fucked in the butthole by a fake penis. A dirty faggot with awkwardness bigger than his manboobs, you have a shiny forehead. A fat ass pig who loves to eat junk(food). You are dumbasses who are looked down upon and ridiculed by other nations around the world. You are porn loving idiots. you always fuck up your racist president wants to fuck his own daughter. Get your gay asses out of here,this land belongs to the native tribes. Youre a good for nothing parasite, all you do is suck. Youre affraid of the middle easterns, pakistans, indians, arabs, hispanics, asians because we are much wiser than you. You are racist beacause your insecurity, fears, and jealousy. This is why everyone hates you. Just accept that we are better than you. You try to distract yourself from this by insulting others. You try to cut someones head off to look taller. But you know the truth, we all know the truth. The world would be a better place without you. Shut up and die. Roses are red. Violets are violets, not fucking blue.White bitches fuck themselves, yes they doo.. Asians are always better than yoo~

    • R Jimenez says:

      Helo Helooo classic leftist relying on insults than actual facts

    • Alan Brad says:

      It’s because the real Trump is as stiff as a board when is comes to arm, neck, and hip movement, although he is 71 years old, so I can’t really blame him for that.

  7. TheInflicted says:

    If you look at the ceiling of the theater you can even see a little animatronic Putin, pulling his strings!

    • WileyCoyote69 says:

      TheInflicted Bwahahahahahahaha.

    • Nukenin MGT says:

      Zachary Taylor
      Please learn what communism actually is before you call people commie. It’s literally nothing but an economic structure of a nation. Calling someone a commie is like me calling your a cappie for supporting capitalism.

    • Alan Brad says:

      OMG Originally I was laughing at your joke, but now I’m laughing at the sensitive snowflakes who couldn’t take the joke. Well done, sir πŸ˜‚

    • Chris Sisco says:

      Literally 0 evidence has been brought forward showing russian collusion in the election yall are thick headed bastards enjoy losing 2020

  8. Movie Universe says:


  9. Richard Dennis says:

    Awesome video.. Glad to see this attraction come back.. Glad to see all the Presidents here, even the ones i dont like… Itsnt it awesome we live in a country where we can openly dislike a President of the United States and not be killed for it.. America is a wonderful place…

  10. Colin Whalen says:

    Im not a big fan of trump or Hillary but the animatronic looks awesome and respectful

  11. Mattovich Mahunik says:

    It’s kind of painful how obvious it is that he’s reading a script.

  12. Preston Stauffer says:

    MAGA πŸ‘πŸΌ

  13. kenfrancis117 says:

    Hands are too big

  14. studerje says:

    I applaud Disney for not getting caught up in partisan politics and continuing their tradition for their hall of the presidents.

  15. EisernerBaer says:

    wtf i love the hall of presidents now

  16. Nintendo Beyond says:

    YESS! I LOVE IT! GO TRUMP!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  17. Xavier Smith says:

    yes, yes, and YES! God Bless President Trump!

    This president has been attacked since day 1 on baseless claims that he “colluded” with Russia – now, we know this was a false accusation based on a baseless report, “dossier”, paid for by the FBI and deep state actors.


  18. 10,000 Subscribers without Videos says:

    No red tie?

  19. FanOfAnimation says:

    Can we get trade the animatronic with the real one? This one doesn’t go off topic, doesn’t tweet about broadway shows or TV rating, and seems MUCH more presidential.

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