Donald Trump & Ben Carson Watch Democratic Debate

Donald Trump & Ben Carson Watch Democratic Debate

Donald Trump (Jimmy Fallon) and Dr. Ben Carson (David Alan Grier) have a phone conversation while watching the first Democratic debate.

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Donald Trump & Ben Carson Watch Democratic Debate

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20 Responses

  1. One Up says:

    You’re funny ! Great work, funny yet respectful.

  2. Aaron Eblen says:

    ben carson 2016!

  3. Christine Welton says:

    From the moment the blanket came out, it’s all I can focus on. It looks so
    soft and warm. <3 #iwantthatblankie

  4. Erik Ruiz says:

    is this the first time we see his finger without the wraps?

  5. Paul Varghese says:

    Obama is a disgrace to the presidency and to our country. Obama has created
    ISIS, made Russia and IRan stronger and made the America much weaker. His
    illegal immigration will be stopped and the American people will realize
    that this buffoon cares more about illegals then he does the American
    people. He and Hillary are also responsible for the deaths of the 4 brave
    Americans who died in Benghazi. They have increased our national debt to 20
    trillion dollars. 45 million are on food stamps under Obama. The
    unemployment in our country is now 20 percent. Obama is to busy playing
    golf and sleeping all day. We need a president who will unite our country
    once again. A president who will work hard and not be lazy and sleep all
    day. A man like Donald Trump and/or Ted Cruz !

  6. AutismPolice says:

    this skit rips on everybody but Hillary, and even attempts to paint her in
    a positive light

    the mainstream puppet media is switching into full shill mode

  7. spongebobam888 says:

    I liked how this sketch actually had some political satire, more than
    Fallon’s other Trump sketches.

  8. Elyaga Bearrs says:

    *we American are f**king stupid, there is no democracy in our country,
    Republicans and democrats are two faces of the same coin, we are living in
    an An Oligarchy based on slavery of the entire working class.* *elections
    are just an illusion.*
    *wake up, boycott the next election.*

  9. bluewhale18 says:

    Vote Carson

  10. mohammed ahmed says:

    feel the bern.bernie is not for sale,he is for the people

  11. Joe Wrighting says:

    neither Bernie Sanders or Donald trump should or will be president. lot of
    noise from both sides but most ordinary people don’t want either

  12. dunginmaster4 says:


  13. Armoredcody says:

    I like how Jimmy Fallon actually respects people unlike other late night

  14. 1zombie4v says:

    White trash god is trump
    Rebel flag flyers love trump
    Incest trailer trash for trump

  15. Td Fsx says:

    this is like a really bad SNL bit. so basically an SNL bit. Leno made the
    tonight show dumber but Jimmy is just taking it to new levels of stupid

  16. Tom Bryan says:

    Not funny

  17. Megan Doe says:

    Haha goodbye

  18. Debora E. Howard says:


  19. Maybel Pines says:

    wow thats cruel

  20. john hoskins says:

    But isn’t bashing Ben Carson “racist”…wait, that’s only if it’s a
    liberal, black conservatives don’t count…ok.