Donald Trump Calls In To Ask A Few Basic Questions

Donald Trump Calls In To Ask A Few Basic Questions

Trump has been making late night calls to friends, asking for help with things a President should really already know.

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19 Responses

  1. Why you gotta go there says:

    I have to believe that on some level trump supporters are ashamed of trump.
    When he says to a court “I will See You in court” right after losing in
    that court… I mean you can’t be happy about that. How many times do you
    think trump supporters go to themselves “Oh my god just shut up already and
    focus. Ban those Muslims and stop those Mexicans by building that wall.”
    I’m saying I have to believe this because even these days I see comments
    like ” You are a beta cuck” getting hundreds to thousands of thumbs up when
    they are used to argue against criticisms of trump, and well it just makes
    me feel sad seeing how low we as humans are able to go.

  2. Divyanshu Sharma says:

    dump the Trump 2020

  3. Emiscary1 says:

    Remember Trump supporters: no matter what Trump does, or how stupidly he
    behaves- *nothing* about this is your fault. How could the people who
    backed an imbecile for president *possibly* share the blame for the shit he

  4. Emily Moritz says:

    One positive aspect of this tragic presidency is, that almost all late
    night comedians have perfected their trump impression.

  5. Gabriel Jesus says:

    damn you know a lot about american politics just by watching these guys

  6. Mihir Kumar says:

    Even these comedy videos are getting depressing now.

  7. Cami Hauskins says:

    Three weeks into his presidency is when he decides to actually learn how to
    run the country. What a fuçking genius.

  8. scotch thompson says:

    I feel as though I’m living through the early stages of idiocracy

  9. Optimax71 says:

    I give him 1 year before he gets impeached or resigned on health grounds.

  10. fidorover says:

    *I’ll never forget that famous line from* *Apocalypse Ow:*
    “God I love the smell of corns being burnt off your foot in the morning.”

  11. blacknightz2011 says:

    Trump was going to be the president for all Americans and make America
    great again but unfortunately on inauguration day he got bone spurs in his

  12. Mo Killem says:

    Trumps hypocritical stance on the vietna… oh fuck it, when is the
    impeachment going to begin?

  13. Morty Sanchez says:

    any trump supporters want to defend trump after he just proved he knows
    jack shit about monetary policy?

    where is your business genius now?

  14. anton chigurh says:

    Donald Trump is getting worse and worse. How bad is this gonna get?

  15. Justice Darling says:

    when is this fucking prick getting impeached?

  16. camelshit says:

    The question resounding inside of trumps majestic head, the question that
    won’t let him sleep for more than 4 or 5 hours a night, that drives him to
    tweet in the wee hours, and makes him aggressive, unhinged,
    that One Big Existential Question is:
    ” – Am I real, or am I just Fake News!?! “

  17. Thomas Høiberg says:

    When the questions from Donald is “How do you hang up a phone ?”
    … I am kinda glad Stephen didn’t reply “It’s easy – just press the big
    red button!”


  18. Amour Ringinton says:

    Dear American people i just want to say that, the rest of the world is
    laughing at you because of the actions of trump Congratulations now your
    the laughing stock of the “Free World” My advice : grab what little dignity
    you have left and fight back give them a taste of their own medicine

  19. Lew Archer 1949 says:

    How long can the Trump lickers keep up this state of denial? How much more
    of this stupidity before these blinkered idiots finally admit that they got
    suckered by a cheap con artist?

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