Donald Trump flubs terror attacks on ‘7/11’

Donald Trump flubs terror attacks on ‘7/11’

While speaking at a campaign rally in Buffalo, New York, Donald Trump misspoke about the terror attacks on 9/11, instead referring to them as “7/11.”

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20 Responses

  1. Ryker's Gaming says:

    All white people in the back.

  2. Nathan Freeman says:

    Hahaha trump is a fucking retard

  3. Dev Bro says:

    I don’t know whether to like or dislike. lol

  4. KingNo says:

    Osama just wanted to get a slurpee

  5. Francisco Meza says:


  6. Jenny Tokumei says:

    Sorry Donald, but free Slurpee day isn’t until July

  7. Alec Aguilar says:

    Wow destroy someone because they flubbed

  8. Greg Raines says:

    We lost a lot of good slurpies and beef jerky that day. Never Forget.

  9. Josh Valenz says:

    ha, he’s busting out at the seams

  10. MrAwawe says:

    trump did 7/11

  11. Jennifer Kusi says:


  12. Night Rider says:

    Its not even surprising anymore

  13. balaurada says:

    To the American people who are going to vote for this man, Please don’t..
    He’s a Muppet

  14. Daniel Cardeo says:

    Everybody gets a slurpee!

  15. civicsr2cool says:


  16. Kevin Tabora says:


  17. Donald J Drumpf says:

    bush did 7/11

  18. privatebandana says:

    He was talking about 711 the fire department, the first responders on the
    This is why you retards are such a shame and bashes everything about Trump
    that the mainstream media are spreading like the little sheeps you are.
    Ugh, disgrace.
    Read up on shit before you talk.

  19. COBRA FACE says:

    wow,it cost extra for the toppings on the nachos, oh excuse me not chose!
    by electro college,lol

  20. Randy Reynolds says:

    is this for real