Donald Trump Full Press Conference After Winning MI and MS Primaries (3-8-16)

Donald Trump Full Press Conference After Winning MI and MS Primaries (3-8-16)

Tuesday, March 8, 2016: GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump held a press conference in Jupiter, FL at Trump National Golf Club Jupiter. The event took place right after Mr. Trump was declared the winner of the Republican Primaries in Michigan and Mississippi.

Donald Trump Full Press Conference After Winning MI and MS Primaries (3-8-16)

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20 Responses

  1. Arron Roder says:

    Go ahead and get them all talk no action politicians Trump !!!


    Well done Donald Trump!!!!

  3. Arron Roder says:

    mitt Romney was a failed candidate twice he is the con artist we put or
    money in for him to beat the worst president ever also a con artist.. they
    lie! Trump your gonna have to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN !!

  4. Abong'o Okech says:

    Am from Kenya…I love D. Trump……Go go go Trump. You have your country
    at heart

  5. Ken Oconnell says:

    first few minutes good job Donald well done .will watch the rest.

  6. Thomas Hodel says:

    This man only talks about polls and money. He did not say anything about
    education or healthcare. What is he gonna do about the middle class people?
    His speech is directed to those people who use their instincts instead of
    their brain. He is a very dangerous and nasty character.

  7. Calvary Crusader says:

    Clinton and the Muslims must be wetting themselves!!

  8. URCHIN SAM says:

    What’s wrong with you Idaho

  9. Paretozen says:

    Why would you want to own a winery when your brother died of alcoholism?
    That is something I do not understand. Trump knows as well as anybody the
    devastating effects of alcohol, hence he never had a drop of alcohol. Now
    why would you want to have some vodka or wine brand? I guess this shows as
    much as anything there is some greed to the character Trump, some greed
    that overcomes his moral compass. That is adubious characteristic, for a
    business man it’s good, for the leader of the world not so much.

  10. Brian Lorne says:

    this guy says what he thinks ! up front no two faced back stabbing sucking
    up and whispering behind the scenes !! shake them up Donald MONEY TALKS !!!

  11. Buda Yen says:


  12. J lu says:

    Trump does not belong to the secret society like the Neocons. That’s why he
    consider an outsider and they will do anything to stop him. Wonder why most
    Americans were duped by these elites. It’s time for Trump to audit the FED
    and see how much waste, fraud and abused.

  13. Richard Myers says:

    HE’S BACK!!!!!!!

  14. Bruce Poulin says:

    Try to bring back some jobs back to Maine. Thanks

  15. Elizabeth Garcia says:

    everyone should realize Trump’s heart is for AMERICA, unlike his opponents
    who have their heart’s for there own agenda! AMERICA IS TIRED AND LEARY OF

  16. Nathan says:

    Say no to special interests. Trump 2016.

  17. T Allen says:

    Ask Trump whom he likes for VP. That will be your REAL, behind the scenes
    Pres., just like McReagan / Bush Sr.

  18. mike beijingyank says:

    “Lincoln” ist verboten im Süden

  19. Neville Bardoli says:

    Donald J Trump will be the next President of The United States of America

  20. KatherinVII says:

    I’ve been with Donald Trump from day one and hope to follow through to the
    end. However, why is Trump calling Paul Ryan ‘great’? All Trump
    supporters know who Ryan is. We know what Speaker Ryan has allowed to
    happen. We are keenly aware Ryan is a RINO elected by RINO’s. How Can
    Trump call him Ryan great?