Donald Trump Has Nothing To Apologize For

Donald Trump Has Nothing To Apologize For

Stephen apologizes to Donald Trump for the mean things he’s said about him over the years, and gives him the opportunity to apologize as well. Nope.

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20 Responses

  1. Angelo D. says:

    wow. he is so fun to watch.

  2. SocialMediaJunky says:

    I doubt Mr. Trump will and could do what he’s promising, but what he’s
    saying about immigration is correct. I mean, a sovereignty country is at

  3. The Ultimate Gamer says:

    he wants Mexicans to pay because he can’t afford to make on

  4. btsororos says:

    Why does anybody take this guy seriously? This is a fucking joke.

  5. lorem ipsum says:

    The wetbacks are all over the comments following Trump wherever he goes and
    posing as real Americans.

  6. Aguila701 says:

    Trump is the president that idiots want, but not the president they

  7. Rowe67 says:

    2:35 “and a nice resort”
    can we send Trump to Jurassic World?

  8. Chase Haverkamp says:

    Anyone else have their video length change from 4:20 to 4:19?

  9. hatchnut16 says:

    Donald Trump is building the next Berlin Wall, except it’s called “The
    American Wall”.

  10. Killix says:

    The great wall of Merica will be graffitied with dicks everywhere

  11. Finn Green says:

    Fair play to Trump. He takes himself seriously, even if nobody else does.

  12. Jordan Egbert says:

    Supporting vets? Look up what he said about McCain. At the end, he said he
    likes the war heroes that don’t get captured. Just look it up, the guy is a
    horse’s ass.

  13. Elijah Jones says:

    @hatchnut16 except this one isn’t to keep two governments apart, it’s to
    stop the illegals who commit crimes in our country, and who are aloud to do
    so because Obama wants to except everyone no matter what.

  14. iamawesome Josh says:

    I hate trump

  15. Elijah Jones says:

    Donald Trump needs to turn his focus away from the wall right now. If I go
    out and vote for him I want to know more about his ideas than just he hates

  16. axt114130 says:

    Anyone else seriously scared at the very real chance Trump being president?
    Think about it Trumps rhetoric is appealing cause he talks about what
    people see but forgets to mention the statistical, historical, political,
    and cultural context. In a country where 70 percent of Americans don’t have
    college degrees and where the young, minority, and low income are least
    likely to vote; the possibility of him being president are actually pretty

  17. Joe Jones says:

    imagine the amount of money that could be used on women’s and children’s
    health care if it didnt go to illegal immigrants.

  18. Xafe Mode says:

    reply if afraid of Donald Trumps hair

  19. James Harry says:

    pass a voter id law things would change

  20. oscar robles says:

    how he handed like a champ??? He almost run away. My question is how he
    believes that the crime will stop by kicking out the indocument inmigrants?
    Does he forget about the black, withe, Asian and European people???? For
    real what that heck he smokes or what school did he goes? Does he really
    believes he will win the president position with this cheap argument?