Donald Trump Holds Press Conference at Trump Tower (5-31-16)

Donald Trump Holds Press Conference at Trump Tower (5-31-16)

Tuesday, May 31, 2016: Presumptive GOP Presidential nominee Donald Trump held a press conference at Trump Tower in New York City.

Donald Trump Holds Press Conference at Trump Tower (5-31-16)

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19 Responses

  1. Sonia J says:

    This isn’t even something Trump had to do. Yet, the press, instead of
    pointing out Trump’s philantrophy, they try to trip him up and use his
    generosity to frame him. I hate the press. They use the excuse of
    “scrutiny”. When are they going to scrutinize Hillary and Obama?

  2. Jeff Caldwell says:

    He makes way too many fuckin general statements, just no fuckin facts at
    all. He’s full of shit.

  3. Anonymous Patriots says:

    I love how Trump just calls people out for their Bullshit.

  4. Marietta Belardino says:

    Love that man! you tell them, Donald!!

  5. t will says:

    god bless you vets!!!!!! the leaders have treated you men and woman
    like shit and I hope Mr.Trump cleans house!!!

  6. La Llorona says:

    Quick question to the people voting for this clown: How is this
    thin-skinned egomaniac going to deal with the press when he’s president?
    Will he stand on stage and insult their appearance like he does here?

  7. Nick Mathews says:

    They asked him about the gorilla? Pfffft.

  8. Malvina Filipkowska says:

    That’ll Shut Them Up! This man is anointed by God. This is his calling.

  9. Julie Litchfield says:

    Wow! The guy from New Hampshire. Not fun to be a reporter in that room. Go

  10. Katimashi says:

    Trump allows and promotes slave labor at his new golf course in Dubai.

  11. Killix says:

    The 1st 20 minutes. Dalbalu T F

  12. RckinRoll says:

    Trump is a disgrace, whining and bitching like a damn 5 yr old because
    journalists are not bowing down to him and kissing his ring…an extremely
    thin skinned egomaniac who just cannot handle any scrutiny whatsoever, this
    is just an inkling of what a totalitarian dictator he’d be if he was ever
    President, goodbye 1st Amendment if the spoiled brat Chump enters the White

  13. Drop the base WUBWUBWUBWUB says:

    Amazing how great of a con Trump pulled over all of you lol

  14. Godless Conservative Girl says:

    So, Trump owned that! I watched this Live while cleaning. Didn’t see the
    Vet yelling at the press! Thanks for posting!! Love it!!!

  15. Mad Flak says:

    vote trump arrest soros end the fed burn the media send all sjw’s to
    mexico. did I miss anything?

  16. Imli Ji says:

    screw that bitch hillary,, and that shithole Bernie,,
    Bernie please retire idiot. Nothing is free in this world or go to

  17. etkar Calexico says:

    Doesn’t he realize the population has grown since Eisenhower ? ? ? !? !!!
    ???! ?!?

  18. mavericksquid says:

    What a whiny little bitch. I’ve never seen so much poor me bull shit from a
    candidate. He knows if the press does even minimal research on him, he can
    never win. He’s too shady & contradicts himself daily. Trump is such a
    loser. Can’t wait to see him lose big. It’ll be so entertaining. He lies
    like the rest of us breathe. And now he’s under a microscope.

  19. Christy me says:

    Now imagine when he starts talking to countries like China like that, you
    know the ones with nuclear arsenals…