Donald Trump Monologue – SNL

Donald Trump Monologue – SNL

Donald Trump is joined by Taran Killam as Donald Trump and Darrell Hammond as Donald Trump. Plus, Larry David makes a surprise appearance.

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20 Responses

  1. Jimmy Kimber says:

    Hes the man!!!

  2. Alex Bradley says:

    the american presidential race is actually fucking hilarious, if this man
    is elected president when he knows nothing (that’s not even exaggerating)
    about the foreign policies or threats that the U.S faces then America will
    officially be the most retarded nation on earth

  3. GeorgeJr Washington says:

    America does not know where barry soetoro aka barack obama coming from

  4. robsan21 says:

    Bernie Sanders!!!

  5. Steve Zissou says:

    If us liberal democrats we were sick in the head we would want to own guns
    to “protect ourselves” and end up killing innocent people. If we were sick
    we would just declare wars for billions of dollars instead of giving some
    of the money to the poor or education. If we were sick we wouldn’t believe
    in climate change because that is not our concern we just care about
    religion, money and low taxes. If we were sick we would say that we are
    “pro-life” and against abortion when some people didn’t even want to become
    pregnant but got raped by some maniac. Most of u shouldn’t even care since
    it’s none of ur business since ur not women.”Pro-Life” my ass when your
    gonna sent ur own american people into useless war where people will die.
    So now tell me again who are the sick ones?

    Hint: To figure it out all u need is a little bit of logic, a little bit of
    something which is called NOT BEING AN IDIOT!

    Answer: Republican Conservatives

  6. Stikibits says:

    Trump is the fascist’s fascist.
    Trump is a lunatic.

  7. Mark Stewart says:

    Trump is unbeatable. Plain and simple. Suck it leftists.

  8. Jesus Hidalgo Garza says:

    FUCK! Trump

  9. jonathan ibarra says:

    biff tannen

  10. Even Timings says:

    Donald Trump is a racist. What,no $5000 for me?

  11. Sergio Guardo says:

    very funny.!

  12. Flowmasta Flam says:

    It’s a comedy skit and people are all upset.

  13. Michael Robins says:

    Blacks envy his success and wealth

  14. fabricio Alves says:

    Kaw, Kaw, you’re a racist, you’re a racist, Kaw, Kaw…
    From the same folks that yell
    White Privilege, White Privilege…

  15. Wes Hedrick says:

    Wow! Kenyan has Trump down.

  16. blisterpacman says:

    why do snl actors suck so bad?

  17. Roy Antelo says:

    white trash

  18. Franz Ferdinand says:

    Democrats can’t have fun while a republican is in the media spotlight. Boy
    do they miss democrats being in the media spotlight. Already decided to
    vote trump once and hopefully twice, and these malicious comments I read
    toward him makes me want to Support Trump Even MORE.

  19. John Vipe says:

    oh boo hoo! I thumbs down on youtube because it makes a huge impact.

  20. Dott Welles says: