Donald Trump New York Primary FULL Victory Speech (4-19-16)

Donald Trump New York Primary FULL Victory Speech (4-19-16)

Tuesday, April 19, 2016: Full replay of the Donald J. Trump Election night event at Trump Tower, where Mr. Trump gave a short speech following his overwhelming victory in the New York Primary.

Donald Trump New York Primary FULL Victory Speech (4-19-16)

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19 Responses

  1. Marie Rose says:

    Congratulation I will miss your speeches I am very happy for you.You are
    amazing and we love you.

  2. aggelos il. says:

    trump trump trump trump

  3. cheghevara cheghevara says:

    Donald Trump president in mental illness hospital. 2 daughters very hot.

  4. david Michael says:

    #whitehousedon #trump16 #nyvalues

  5. 0x56 says:

    Donald Trump for President
    Make America Great Again!

    God bless him, help him, protect him and his family!
    People please pray for him!

  6. Prs s says:

    **Happy he won But It would be nice if he’d put his wife in the forefront
    more often and not his daughter Ivanka in his speeches and on his twitter
    account… I mean.. HIS WIFE is going to be first lady right?? Not
    Ivanka. Just saying.**

  7. kenji4861 says:

    0:50 – lol, did someone say “Shut up”?

  8. lokustic says:

    Let’s make Donald Drumpf again!

  9. Maximilian0011 says:

    The People of NY showed what America is all about…. to be Number 1 !!!
    IN, PA, CT. NJ ….come on show us you can do even better cuz you CAN!!!
    TRUMP it hard………..!!!

  10. Mustard Plugger says:

    Notice the security guard blocking off the one black man on that stage.

  11. gameblor says:

    “Lyin’ Ted He holds the bible high, puts it down and then he lies”.

  12. Curt Johnson says:

    What a great victory for the only candidate who can unite us and stick up
    for American citizens first.

  13. Neonia Hazelwood says:

    Beautiful classy family.

  14. Terry Hilliker says:









  15. tuvtuvl says:

    senator cruz

  16. Sanjay Narayanaswamy (hitwhicks) says:

    Why do I feel like the US just trolled the rest of the world?

  17. Uberiver says:

    Say hello to Tiffany

  18. Lyna T says:

    Trump’s supporters, please go to the web site to
    support Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. You can buy caps, clothes,
    headwear, and etc. And you can also donate money (maximum $2700 / person).
    No matter what the campaign result is, at least we have something to
    remember. Go for Trump!!!

  19. CarNNNN says:

    Actually Trump is right. You should help your own before you help those
    overseas. I know USA has a due care but everyone hates you guys. Why would
    you want to not fix your own personal problems before ramping up ISrael