Donald Trump on Hillary Clinton, Wilmington, NC, 8/9/16

Donald Trump on Hillary Clinton, Wilmington, NC, 8/9/16

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20 Responses

  1. This name is either restricted, too long, or contains too many invalid characters. says:

    Can we just light this cheeto-faced cunt on fire? I’d love to hear his
    pathetic screams of agony..

  2. siddigfan says:

    Geezus, what a total moron. This is the guy who wants to be President of
    the most powerful nation in the world? Our allies are supposed to trust
    some twatwaffle like him, who threatens his opponents like a third world
    dictator? Meh, Fuck You Donald. Go back to your sandbox and nibble on cat

  3. Jo-E says:

    wasn’t he taking about her taking our 2nd ammendment? and by second
    ammendment people he meant the supreme court?

  4. Jimmy Mcrustle says:

    Trump once is again is showing that he’s the only candidate who is on the
    people’s side.

  5. Jan Smitowicz, Author says:

    Absolute and utter fucking psychopath, no two ways about it. This is legit
    TREASONOUS, and if Killary said the precise same words, the people who
    accept this unchallenged or even celebrate it would be having a shit-fit
    bloodeyed fucking meltdown, and would call for her to be indicted. You know
    I’m right, Trumpet blowhards, don’t even try to argue.

  6. Alex Malone says:

    Go ahead, you don’t have to support Hillary Clinton but even if she has
    made mistakes she is still a human with a life and family. This is too.

  7. Xtreme Power says:

    It’s no longer politics this has crossed Lines beyond just calling out for
    Russia to help him with her emails… This is a real threat. No one… Not
    even a republican nominee… Should be allowed to run for public office
    much less to be president trying to keep it real…

  8. Candy Hernandez says:

    I don’t understand how anyone can take this man seriously. I’m amazed by
    how many idiots inhabit this country.

  9. Pandu Wobbles says:

    RIP republican party… we’ll never see a republican president for decades
    because of this retarded chimp.

  10. CaptainMisery86 says:

    Is he wrong? I mean. No matter what he meant by it, there’s enough gun
    owners to make any meaning happen

  11. JermPr0ductionz says:

    “You’re not just responsible for what you say. You are responsible for what
    people hear.”
    — Former head of the C.I.A. Michael Hayden

  12. Paul Hendricks says:

    literally the biggest piece of shit on this planet. This guy has zero, and
    I mean not even a droplet of political experience. He’s a misogynist,
    xenophobic, and most of all, a complete ignoramus.

  13. Syd Jones says:

    did he really just make a joke about assassination

  14. Samuel Clark says:

    meanwhile, the pulse shooters father showed up to Hillary’s rally and
    cheered her on while she talked about the Pulse shooting….but apparently
    this is more important to the media

  15. fook yu says:

    Hillary literally had Seth Rich and John Ashe assassinated right as they
    were about to testify against her and you retards are getting triggered
    over a passing joke?

  16. davidrlfield says:

    this is the only video ever seen on Youtube that has 3X as more “dislikes”
    than “likes” , no guessing as what the American thinks about Trump’s lack
    of qualifications and trash TV persona

  17. Fridaey13txhOktober says:

    This is why Trump has so much support, he ain´t a cuckold faggot!

  18. PinMike8666 says:

    As charismatic as Trump can be, what he said sounds like a threat (and
    especially looks like it on paper); his true message is him saying for 2nd
    Amendment voters should turn out huge in swing states, not assassinate

    Kind of a moot message, though, as conservative voters are THE most
    committed voters in every major election; it’s the moderates and
    uncommitted liberals sitting on their hands (or voting 3rd party) that will
    get Trump elected over Hillary.

  19. Nate Dembowski says:

    You people are idiots… is this a threat?

    Do you not remember what the NRA (Second amendment folks) did to Al Gore
    when he talked about gun control?

    The media, and you brainless fucktards are too predictable.

  20. Everyday Smiles says:

    Kill yourself