Donald Trump Ovulation Test Kit – CONAN on TBS

Donald Trump Ovulation Test Kit – CONAN on TBS

CONAN Highlight: When it comes to knowing when you’re fertile, why not trust someone with a proven track record on women’s issues like The Donald?

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20 Responses

  1. Jason U says:

    White People cant make fun of Obama because it’s a controversy and scared
    like a bitch

  2. Adam Adams says:

    The real joke is America.
    18 trillion in debt. Enjoy going third world, liberal retards.

  3. Art Murder says:

    If trump wins I give it a month before he is either impeached or resigns.

  4. AmssoBador Spacelot says:

    T U C K F R U M P

  5. Almighty Monkey says:

    Donald Trump approves.

  6. Tristian Aragon says:

    Hey you know what I respect no can’t even type I respect Trump with a
    straight face.

  7. bluewhale18 says:


  8. Desiree Smith says:

    I remember when I liked Conan and he made me laugh. It is getting harder
    to laugh at his or anybody’s jokes while this country is being destroyed by
    the liberals he obviously thinks are so wonderful, I suppose he has to
    think they are wonderful to keep his job.

  9. Marko Ramius says:


  10. jesusjacob israel says:

    For donald trump, he is the only smartest white person alive, and the rest
    are just stupid people who should look uo p to him. And any others races
    are just criminals rapers, and murders..He is a liar, a narcissist, an
    egomaniac and a lunatic and
    just the tipe of guys that tend to be tirannys. Cause, they belive they
    are the smarter humans alive, so, dont listen to anybody stupiditys, and
    they dont care about anybody else ignorant opinion, so, will go against
    their own people if they have too.. And thats just why they become
    tirannys. Cause, everybody else is stupid, dum, loosers, ignorants, and not
    as smart as them.

  11. Amrit Tiwana says:

    Wow! So Conan is making fun of our future President. It just shows how much
    he cares about America. The world will surely not look at us as a joke
    anymore. Thanks for your support Conan. Unsubscribed.

    • Amrit Tiwana says:

      +Marko Ramius Atleast with Trump you know what you’re getting into, other
      candidates just seem like puppets really but now with Trump we’re voting
      for the puppeteer. No endorsements like nascar drivers. Lol!

    • Amrit Tiwana says:

      +Marko Ramius I don’t know bro. Seems like he’s the only candidate that
      speaks the people’s mind. I mean I’d rather vote for him than Bush or

    • Marko Ramius says:

      +Amrit Tiwana Dude. Donald Trump is *never* going to be elected President,
      so there’s no need to take such offense. lol

  12. bkmbkmbkm12 says:

    if you want more subscribers you should do more remotes

  13. Heart2HeartBooks says:

    I hope Trump sues the fuck out of you!

  14. JazzKeyboardist1 says:

    What a pisser.
    Ted Striker in the Airplane movie

  15. Gerard Dixon says:

    Trump 2016 ! no Hillary nor Bush.