Donald Trump Prepares Cold Open – SNL

Donald Trump Prepares Cold Open – SNL

When faced with making good on his campaign promises, president-elect Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) starts to panic.

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20 Responses

  1. Joe1up says:

    I would like to congratulate Alec Baldwin on landing a job for the next
    four years

  2. William Porayouw says:

    Thank God Alec Baldwin is still playing Donald Trump.

  3. Doshell says:

    Looks like Alec Baldwin got a job at least for 4 years

  4. JulietsaJuJu says:

    wow! never been this early…!

  5. TheAnduril666x says:

    Let’s just cut this one off early: Trump supporters, you can’t scream about
    how you hate “political correctness”, and then moan about a damn comedy
    sketch; no, we won’t just stop mocking this idiot because the election’s
    over; don’t try and deflect with “Killary” rebuttals, because she’s
    irrelevant now; and finally, take a look in the mirror and think about the
    monster you’ve elected.

  6. BryceStawski says:

    I love Kate McKinnon as Kellyanne Conway. She’s much more tolerable than
    the actual Kellyanne Conway.

  7. Michael Blackshire says:

    Alec Baldwins impression is the reason why Trump won

  8. Dean Strickson says:

    “I love you, Mike. You’re the reason I’m never going to be impeached!” LOL!
    It’s funny because it’s true. And sad. So freaking sad.

  9. Da Peel says:

    if there’s a positive to a trump presidency, it’s that we get SNL gold with
    Alec Baldwin the next 4 years

  10. Nicholas Van Buren says:

    “You’re the reason I won’t get impeached” SNL spitting the cold hard truth

  11. Сергей Мешков says:

    Looks like Alec is gonna be guest star on SNL for a while)

  12. Demauscian says:

    mike pence is his insurance that he won’t be assassinated.

  13. Robert Hayes says:

    Why are they cheering the guy who’s playing Mitt Romey? Isn’t he just
    another cast member.

  14. Ernie Nab says:

    *Wow, this is so funny but not funny at all at the same time ?*

  15. Zar Doz says:

    Kate McKinnon retired her Hillary Clinton role wayyy to soon, there’s so
    much hilarity left. Like her doing Hillary’s violent drunken psychotic
    rampage after the election. Yeah, where she had to be restrained from
    violently attacking Billy and Podesta.That would be pure comedy gold. Or
    Hillary looking like death warmed over, like she did in her last press
    conference. I mean there is just still so much.

  16. Teh Architek says:

    Dear Offended Trump Supporters,

    Just relax & learn to laugh sometimes you miserable bastards.

    Best Regards,
    *A Concerned Citizen*

  17. James Salvatore says:

    Alec. As long as Donald is President, you gotta keep making these. No
    matter if he tries to shut you down. This is too funny.

  18. Logician says:

    I swear this was a conspiracy so that Alec Baldwin could negotiate an
    incredible salary for the next 4-8 years!

  19. Ottis Martin says:

    Trump has saved Alec’s career. He has 4 years of job security. He owes him

  20. Harry Noh says:

    I will always miss Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton.