Donald Trump Says “China”

Donald Trump Says “China”

Donald Trump says the word China over and over.
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20 Responses

  1. AmyD says:

    +ooOmegAaa You can’t think of an intelligent come back, so you insult my
    Yeah, try again.

  2. Chuck Payne says:

    For every time you hear him say China, imagine every time you look at a
    product that says “Made in China”. THAT would make a good split screen

  3. semarq says:


  4. flybekvc says:

    Set the speed to x2… or open the video on multiple tabs to make it more

  5. Trulylatino says:

    After watching this video, I couldn’t stop saying, China! Did Donald
    brainwashed me?

  6. Drake Patton says:

    Do one for Bernie!!

  7. zerosonico says:

    Chain her! Chain her! Chain her!

  8. mark gomez says:

    Look at the “I appeal to dumb people hat”. He baited the hook, now how many
    will bite? Sigh…

  9. StigmisIgnited says:

    Look at what China is doing, they’re learning from China!

  10. OnThe23rd says:

    HuffPo liberals think they’re so witty and intelligent. They “fired” Donald
    from their coverage two months ago but have reported on him 24/7 since.
    They have realized how good he is at distracting people from the DNC’s

  11. El foo furzioano says:

    make a video of him saying Anchor babies lmao

  12. WYJX1986 says:

    Hahahahahahahaha, as a Chinese, I have to say, I really like Trump

    American, please! Make the right decision! Let Donald Trump become the new

  13. Tom Hanson says:

    This video is hilarious. It shows just how stupid Trump’s supporters are.
    He can bash China in one breath and then praise the fuck out of it in the
    next, and his fanboys will jump up and down like stupid monkeys.

  14. Lilian Silva says:


  15. XxXKalamiteeXxX says:


  16. philumber says:

    This is great.

  17. Salmon says:

    But does he love China?

  18. Daniel “Hyun Min” Choi says:

    this reminds me of those babies that have a full conversation saying the
    same thing over and over…

  19. ChiliPalmer17 says: