Donald Trump says Pastor was “a nervous mess”, 9.15.2016

Donald Trump says Pastor was “a nervous mess”, 9.15.2016

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19 Responses

  1. Orest Pellumb says:

    Bahaha only a small group shows up fuck is he talking about

  2. Christopher Lopez says:

    Donald Trump says that ‘ he is thirsty for that black vote’

  3. Lichi Corona says:


  4. nambzi says:

    youtube has a crush on trump

  5. Char Aznable says:

    Fuck Hillary Clinton and fuck Donald Trump,politics 101 is to lie and
    pander to your voters,who the fuck would believe anything that comes out
    off both of these cancerous presidential candidates.

  6. Yobi Grey says:

    goodness gracious this is f’ing bs. Trump is lying. How the fuck are you
    gonna say this shit is preplanned when you didn’t even watch it. she even
    said told the people that protesting against Trump to respect Trump. Trump
    came to talk about the Flint water crisis not politics. he knew that that’s
    why he backed down and reverted back to giving his speech. I hate Hillary
    but you Trump supporters make Donald Trump your god and don’t even do any
    research on what actually happened.

  7. Anyone says:

    if he had dabbed on the stage and said legalise weed, he would have gotten
    black people’s support.

  8. Olddog says:

    She treated him with more dignity than he deserved.

  9. Troll says:

    *Trump got hit with the Kanye*

  10. Iron Fist says:

    What a fucking joke. can’t believe people are voting for this Con man.

  11. william villanueva says:

    WHAT THE FUCK IS HE TALKING ABOUT LMAO, he was there to talk about how the
    FLINT WATER CRISIS, and what he would do to help him. Instead he went to
    his normal Hillary bashing routine. No one is there to hear about the other
    candidate you idiot. Focus on what THE ISSUES THAT YOU WILL SOLVE.

  12. Josh A says:

    How is this trending? It only has 29,000 views

  13. Brandon Abel says:

    Now he’s a plumber too lmfao! Donald more like delusional Trump!

  14. Now and Because says:

    Of course he would say that.

  15. Set Fire To ALL -Trump Supporters says:

    i can’t fathom why everyone doesn’t see that Trump is a piece of shit, he
    doesn’t care about anyone but himself …. and if you had it his way, he
    would have sex with his own daughter. this guy is the scum of the earth.
    his supporters MUST BE SET ON FIRE!

  16. Estivel Garcia says:

    This is the perfect example of internet bias (YouTube, Google, Yahoo,
    Facebook, etc). This shit is trending and only has some views, while
    Hillary Clinton collapsing in the 9/11 memorial wasn’t trending even though
    it was the news of the day and everybody was talking about it.

  17. jax1492 says:

    he isnt going to win … he needs to face it.

  18. Simon Carlile says:

    He doesn’t respect anyone or anything besides himself.

  19. Zetabloxx says:

    Okay, he’s a dick.