Donald Trump shifts position on Obamacare in 60 Minutes interview

Donald Trump shifts position on Obamacare in 60 Minutes interview

During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump could not have been more clear about his plans for President Obama’s healthcare law, promising a full, immediate repeal. But in an interview with Leslie Stahl to air Sunday on “60 Minutes,” the president-elect appeared to take a step back from his original statements.

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20 Responses

  1. no hassle says:

    So he talks about Bill being a rapist and Hillary being a crook but now he
    is gushing them with compliments. Same with Obama. This man is spineless

  2. Mike Camire says:

    He isn’t shifting positions at all. First he is trying not to start a panic
    and prior conditions has been part of the Republican plans for a while now.
    The title is just click bait.

  3. MrJamesLongstreet says:

    Dirty/corrupt CBS (main stream media) trying its best to poison the minds
    of the people by creating a false narrative. The purpose of doing this is
    to create more riots and violence against Republicans and the people that
    voted for Donald Trump – and – won the election fair and square. During the
    entire election CBS was an unofficial extension of the Hillary/Democratic
    Presidential campaign.
    CBS = bought and paid for by the Clinton Crime Family

  4. swaggy's very own says:

    Trump just used dumb americans, to become president. :DDD

  5. WOODSY says:

    The media calls being classy “shifting positions” because the media is
    shifty as hell.

  6. Bruh says:

    It’s so creepy that he has his whole family there, is he becoming a
    President or a dictator?

  7. Trung Vu says:

    Wow Trump actually seem like a chill guy. Makes me have more faith in his

  8. nG nJ says:

    Um I did not hear ANYTHING that would mean he changed his position but
    sure, whatever gives you more views.

  9. Zodiac Loop says:

    What a lie. The media has become clickbait!

  10. TACM Editing says:

    When is the media going to stop crying about Donald Trump being president?
    I don’t give a crap about how you think Hillary is not a liar and Trump is!
    Go move to Canada, you communists, at least you can get “free healthcare”

  11. Scott Tyler says:

    Trump isn’t as “bad” as some people make him out to be

  12. Josh Chung says:

    It’s funny how Youtube puts this video at 4th trending when it only gets
    70,000 views in 24 hrs and is a complete bullshit, liberal-biased,
    click-bait, title.

  13. Joe Mitchell says:

    HAHA! He lied! He’s still a democrat!

  14. Jesse Orlando says:

    His makeup tho somebody help this man out

  15. Huge Dick says:

    This right here is exactly why Trump blocks the media. He and 60 million
    other Americans know that these so called “journalist’s” have an agenda and
    are a disgrace to journalism. It’s absolutely disgusting the state our
    country is in

  16. Curtis McAllister says:

    This title is misleading. He didn’t shift positions.

  17. HERECOMESKYLO!! says:

    Thanks for posting CBS. Oh, by the way, Hillary lost. ?


  18. Austin Adams says:

    Typical propaganda at its finest

  19. Angel Maine says:

    There is only one person to blame for the spawn of Stan’s election ”
    victory ” : JAMES COMEY .

  20. MattMrn says:

    thats the media for you folks!